Take the precious moments home with a special book or toy!

You know...the ones kids just love to pick up.

what in in the toy shop?
our book and toy shop is open the same hours as the playseum


We value reading at the Playseum! We want to give you and your child quality time to enjoy a great book. So as you venture through each space, grab a book off a shelf, and read with your child the next time you’re here! They may really want to learn about  animals after playing in the vet office, or become curious about cooking after visiting the Italian bistro. We encourage you to sit and read a story together. If it's a favorite, check our toy store to see if it's available to purchase and take home.

We carry a wide variety of new books in our toy store for purchase. Kids can use their Playseum dollars to purchase a book or toy.

If you have gently used books that you'd like to donate please contact us at children@playseum.com


At the Playseum we have a curated collection of retail items from select brands to allow customers to bring home a piece of the Playseum.  As a company we stay away from electronic toys and screens choosing to focus of toys that engage family interaction and individual creativity. Our selection of costumes, bath toys, baby toys, sensory toys, science kits, board games, etc. provided an emphasis on dramatic play and stem. 

All toys can be purchased with Playseum dollars, cash or credit card.