The Playseum has so many Cityshops to explore

Join your child on an adventure in a world sized just for them! 

We have packed so much fun into our location at the Ridgedale Mall. Kids are giving the Playseum 5 stars!

what is a cityshop?
Discover & play

What is a Cityshop?

A Cityshop is a thematic play environment where you and your child will be inspired to imagine and engage with one another like never before! 

Choose your own adventure as you play through over 20 Cityshops, doing everything from launching into space and traveling back in time to stopping by the grocery store and camping in the woods.

Shop with me

Let your children do the shopping for a change and you check them out at the register!

Come home with me

Care for plants, put on rain gear, or play house in this adorable child-size Home.

Get a check-up with me

Dress the part, check x-ray charts, weigh and change a baby, or learn about the body together!

build a pizza with me

Come to the Italian Bistro and get creative in the kitchen or be a customer enjoying the tasty eats.

Rescue with me

Be a hero and jump on the firetruck, ready to keep the people of Minnetonka safe!

come outdoors with me

Everything you want Up North from the fishing, to the fire pit, to  trees reaching high as the sky.

care for animals with me

Wash, trim and train furry friends at the Pet Groomers, or take them to the Vet Clinic next door!

MAke tacos with me

Serve up the best tacos from the prep station or take orders from the counter at the Taco Stand.

fix MN roads with me

Hop in a vehicle or don a helmet and gear to fix the road after a long Minnesota winter!

clean teeth with me

Pretend you're the patient and let your child check out your teeth at the Dentist Office.

visit Grandma's with me

Travel back in time to what home might have looked like for grandma or grandpa growing up!

Play in the snow with me

Have a mini snowball fight or make a snow fort in the trees.

put on a show with me

An abundance of costumes, wigs and props to try on and put on a show, moms and dads included! 

Enjoy MN heritage with me

Enjoy sweet treats and coffee in the Scandinavian café while you feel and observe objects familiar to Scandinavian-Minnesotans.

and so many more! 

You'll have to come in yourselves to see all the rest! 

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