The MN Playseum has so many CityShops to Explore!

Kids have a blast roaming around in our kid-sized world that is made just for them.

We have packed so much fun into our location at the Ridgedale Mall. Kids are giving the Playseum 5 stars!

what is a cityshop?
Discover & play

What is a CityShop?

Children are able to explore, discover and play in our uniquely designed city shops, created to mimic mom and dad's world but uniquely scaled to their size. Build your favorite pizza at the Italian restaurant, take x-rays of a patient in the hospital room, pretend to fight a fire, or even care for animals at the farm....we have so many rooms for them to explore!

Shop with me

A favorite room for kids because they get to fill the kid sized carts with all the goodies

Come home with me

Inside this tiny home kids may find objects that they can relate to from their own home

be healthywith me

Dress the part and check the
x-ray charts, answer phones and make appointments

build a pizza with me

Come to the Italian Bistro and make the perfect pizza with all the topping

Rescue with me

Grab your coat and helmet and jump on the firetruck, to keep the people of Easton safe

come outdoors with me

A kid-sized cabin up North, equipped with fishing gear and a firepit for marshmellows

care for animals with me

Take care of the animals that are in our vet clinic, they may need medicine or a bath

Create tacos with me

Its so fun to pick your own ingredients and build the perfect taco

fix MN roads with me

Grab a helmet and jump in the big equipment to fix our MN potholes, don't forget the construction cones

clean teeth with me

Pretend your the dentist and clean mom or dad's teeth with our giant toothbrush

visit Grandma's with me

Just like grandma and grandpa's house, except you can touch everything

Play in the snow with me

It snows in this CityShop all year long! Toss a snowball or build the perfect snow fort

put on a show with me

An abundance of costumes to try on to put on the perfect show, we even have some for moms and dads

Celebrate heritage with me

Just like a real Mn Scandinavian cafe where the pretend food is amazing and your child is the plays the part of the chef

New shop coming soon

More info coming soon

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