This is how it all started..

Thank you for your support, love and kind words over the years! You have helped make our dreams come true. We are so honored to be a safe and fun place for families to make memories together

meet ms. gina and the playseum family

Welcome! We are so glad you're here.  

I am Ms. Gina, the founder of the Playseum. I'm a wife, mother of four, and grandmother of one who deeply cares about people, and if you look around I'm sure you'll notice my love for stories, music, yummy treats, antiques, friendly animals, and all things crafting and creativity too! 

In 2006, I was filled with a dream to create an environment that would rescue the imaginations of children while giving parents an opportunity to answer the cry of every child’s heart to just be with them. 

In a world filled with anxiety, chaos, and darkness, families need a source of light. A place to imagine good instead of evil, to expect beauty instead of horror and experience love instead of fear

I believe we can create and dream our way to a better future if only our imaginations are focused on good! 

No matter how many children you have, or what stage of parenthood you are in, whether this is a once a year treat or part of your weekly routine, we look forward to serving your family at the Playseum. My hope is that we can be your go-to venue outside of your home for quality play and quality time, a place where your family is strengthened, filled with joy, and leaves with the best of memories.  

Since you're here, I want to thank you for your patronage of the Playseum, when you support us, you are not only supporting a local, family business but helping us to support the rescue and redemption of children around the world who have been born into some of the worst circumstances.

We could not do what we do without you!  


Ms. Gina

Founder and Designer
Be With Me Playseum LLC

Ms. Ashlen - Columbia General Manager

For Ms. Ashlen it is all about serving people. With a gift for empathy and customer service, Ms. Ashlen is amazing at making each person feel loved and listened to and she does her job with excellence. Ms. Ashlen has also been working at the Playseum for the last 15 years along with her sister but loves remaining on the floor and interacting with new people every day! Her favorite place to be is in the Pet Shop with customers showing off our beloved pets and engaging the hearts and minds of children and parents throughout the Playseum. Beyond being a store manager, Ashlen also puts her experience to use as the Playseum's Training Coordinator.

Ms. Katlyn - Marketing Coordinator

For Ms. Katlyn, the opportunity to work at a job that has lasting impact of families near and far is the best part. She is always full of good ideas, deeply caring and passionate about what the Playseum does. Her work ethic, authentic joy, and pursuit of excellence make her right at home amongst the Playseum Family. Currently, she works as our Marketing Coordinator and Part Time Supervisor at Playseum Columbia. Her love for engaging families of all different backgrounds and perspectives and helping others has led her to pursue a Doctorate in Social Work.

Ms. Ianna - HR & Operations

For Ms. Ianna it is all about impact. She is so excited to help build a company that serves in love and provides a place for families to be encouraged and strengthened in their relationships with one another. However much she loves what we do in-store, making a difference in the lives of children around the world who have no hope captivates her heart and makes even the toughest days worthwhile. She enjoys serving the team and working with Ms. Gina, her mother, to make the Playseum the best it can be! After 15 years working in every role imaginable, she is still here dedicated to giving it her all each and every day.

Ms. Autumn - Easton Supervisor

Ms. Autumn, has been with us at the Playseum since she was old enough to get a job! We love whenever she is able to come in and serve customers with such energy and warmth distinct to her. Although we wish she could be in store every day, she has now taken the role of full-time mom to Ms. Gina and Mr. Jason's adorable grandson and remains on the team as an On-Call Supervisor and Part Time Bookkeeper.

Mr. Alex - Investor & Consultant

As Ms. Gina's only son, Alex made sure to never let boys be forgotten with everything from knight costumes to fire stations iconic to every Playseum. Taking on the entrepreneurial spirit, Alex began his own business at nine years old called Framed Bouquets, framing artful designs of preserved flowers, the same medium Ms. Gina worked in for her first business in the 1990s. Eager to support his mother's dream, Alex has invested in the Playseum many times with money he earned from his own business. He is currently studying finance in hopes of helping small business owners like his mom excel at business beyond their means. Check out his work here!

Ms. Nisha - Prevention Worker

Although Ms. Gina's eldest daughter, Ms. Nisha, no longer works at the Playseum, she still actively fund-raises and volunteers (and paints murals) around the world in support of our mission to rescue and redeem children who have been abused, abandoned, or trafficked since 2010. Most recently her summers have been spent in Brazil with Life Impact International's trafficking prevention projects, in part supported by the Playseum! Check out some of her murals here. 

Mr. Jason

Ms. Gina could not do any of what she does without her amazing husband, Mr. Jason! Besides coming up with the name and daily support, since the beginning he has reminded her to focus on what's important and serve others well as he does in his own job outside the Playseum each day. They have both contributed to the incredible work ethic, integrity, and passion in their children to change the world one life at a time that has expanded to the rest of the Playseum Team!