Easton Location has new CityShops to Explore!

Bigger and better than ever! The playseum is bursting with new rooms to discover...

what is a cityshop?
Discover & play

What is a CityShop?

Children are able to explore, discover and play in our uniquely designed city shops, created to mimic mom and dad's world but uniquely scaled to their size. Build your favorite pizza at the Italian restaurant, take x-rays of a patient in the hospital room, pretend to fight a fire, or even care for animals at the farm....we have so many rooms for them to explore!

Kids give the Playseum 5 stars!

dress up with me

Our old time theater where kids can dress up and be on stage and the star of the show!

learn with me

One-room schoolhouse where kids can experience a bit of MD history while pretending to be a  teacher or the student

find treasure with me

Dress like a pirate and explore the cove to find lost treasure

care with me

Visit our vet clinic and check the animals to make sure they are strong and healthy

Rescue with me

Grab your coat and helmet and jump on the firetruck, to keep the people of Easton safe

make music with me

A CityShop full of instruments to try, see if you can keep a beat and make a sweet song

see the bay with me

Discover Chesapeake Bay and all the wonders it holds, explore nature together

build tacos with me

Its so fun to pick your own ingredients and build the perfect taco

Grocery shop with me

A favorite room for kids cause they get to fill the cart with all the goodies

clean teeth with me

Pretend your the dentist and clean mom or dad's teeth with our giant toothbrush

be a doctor with me

Dress the part and check the xray charts, answer phones and make appointments

farm with me

Herd up the pigs and cows and clean the stalls, everyone is hungry and wants to be fed

Explore the past with me

Just like grandma and grandpas house, except you can touch everything

rest with me

Sometimes its nice to sit back and rock on the front porch

build with me

Grab the tool belt and lets get to work, lots to do with this home under construction

Golf with me

You can get a hole in one on our mini golf course, try out your skills

eat ice cream with me

Serve up something delicious at the pretend ice cream stand

get a haircut with me

Make getting a haircut fun, style it and check it out in the mirrors

make pizza with me

Come to the Italian Bistro and make the perfect pizza with all the topping

Cook stir fry with me

Visit the Asian Cafe and order your favorite dishes, cook the meal to order and serve

Visit the past with me

Go back in time to the 1970's and see what life was like in a living room back than

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