Field Trips are available at our Columbia location!

We can cater to large groups. Your next field trip could be one for the memory books!

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learning initiatives at the playseum

Field Trips at the Be With Me Playseum engage seven different educational initiatives
through tactile dramatic play in our 20 themed Cityshops and pretend economy.

Science,  Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

Through active role play, students nurture their ability to connect with the worlds functions while creating core memories. Play actively teaches students how to pose problems, explore solutions, and form connections with the world around them. These skills are vital for students as they continue to explore STEM and develop their ability to grow into flexible thinkers. Students can explore their problem solving skills in various Playseum Cityshops like our Construction Zone. Work as a group to build a house with foam bricks or find the cause of a toothache at the dentist.

School  Readiness

Dramatic play experiences, both prompted and unprompted provide a creative outlet for students to build skills necessary in an academic setting. At the Playseum our field-trips are designed to build upon the following skill sets: Critical Thinking, Spatial Awareness, Self-Regulation, Social Skills, Language, and Number Knowledge. These skills are actively used while engaging with peers in our various Cityshops.

Financial  Literacy

At the Playseum our pretend economy is a valuable resource allowing children to experience concepts of financial literacy. Should you choose to add Playseum Dollars, children can engage in budgeting, purchasing, and saving as they navigate our miniature city. Teaching financial literacy to children develops skills that will help them long-term and makes the Playseum a relevant experience for any elementary age.

Emphasizing financial literacy or numbers in the classroom? Let us know when you book!

Arts  &  Culture

Arts and Culture are present in various Cityshops and Creation Stations at the Playseum! We strive to help children develop an appreciation for the world around them. Explore the performing arts by visiting the Theater Stage and directing your own skit or host a musical performance with the small instruments around the Playseum. Opportunities to express personal creativity using various mediums can be found in our Art Shop. Ask about our daily craft options or how to add a paid art project for your students.

Memory Enhancement
Memory  Enhancement

At the Playseum we make it a goal to engage all five senses to trigger the stimulation and storage of positive memories. In addition to our Cityshops which provide a tactile experience with many sights, and sounds, our Creation Stations make it an olfactory and gustatory experience as well, allowing students to not only learn about different environments but also remember what they learn long after they leave.

Health Awareness

Children  learn  healthy  habits  at  an  early  age  from  the  example  set  by  the  adults  around  them.  Engaging  in  healthy  play  reduces  the  risk  of  hypertension,  diabetes,  obesity, depression and other  serious  health  problems.  Physical  and  creative  play  also  helps  children  develop  control  over  their  muscles  and  emotions.  It  is  also  important  to  teach  children  to  include  fruits  and  vegetables  in  their  day.  Although  the  Playseum  is  a  destination  for  special  treats,  we  strive  to  offer  a  fruit  or  veggie  snack  as  a  free  group  activity  following  our  morning  story  time.

Customize Your Group Experience

For groups of children that are 3 years and older we strongly suggest adding on the following:

Bake Shop:
Ice and Decorate a Cookie
$3 Each (3yrs+)

Soap Bar:
Mix up your own Candy Lip Balm $3 Each

Art Shop:
Paint a foam plane $3 Each

Paint a wooden train $4 Each

For groups of children that are 5 years and older we strongly suggest adding on the following:

Bake Shop:
Decorate a Cupcake $3 Each

Make a hot chocolate or funky lemonade activity $2 Each (seasonal)

Soap Bar:
Hand sanitizer spray $4 Each

Gel hand sanitizer $6 Each

Crazy colored lotion $5 each

Science Bar:
Learn about snow and watch it grow $2 Each

Make your own Toothpaste $4 Each (requires advanced notice)

Art Shop:
Paint a Ceramic Handprint Tile
$8 Each

For field trips with children ages 8 years and older you must purchase a minimum of 6 Playseum Dollars for each child. The children will then get to pick and choose their own items to make at the various Interactive Stations

For field trips with children ages 8 years and older you must purchase a minimum of 6 Playseum Dollars for each child. The children will then get to pick and choose their own items to make at the various Interactive Stations

call 240-507-8965 to make a reservation

FAQ's About Our Field Trips

How does a field trip work?

Field trips occur over a 2-hour time frame. During the first hour, children and their chaperones will explore 20+ themed Cityshops through hands-on imaginative play in small groups. At the top of the second hour, students can continue to play or participate in story time as a group activity. Should you add on projects or Playseum Dollars the activity will be added in the first-hour and/or second-hour rotation. The Playseum Team will round out your visit with a Pet Shop time where students can engage with real pets. Field Trips require a $100 deposit within seven days of booking and payment in full before entering the Playseum.

How much does a field trip cost?

The general admission for a school or camp field trip is $15 per child and $10 per adult. You will need to put a deposit down of $100.00 within seven days of booking. The general admission includes access to all of our pretend Cityshops where kids use their imagination, play dress-up, and visit our live pet shop. A lunch area and/or group activities can be added for an additional fee.

What are the chaperone requirements?

Safety and supervision is important to us, therefore chaperones must be 18 years or older. State requirements demand that there is at least a 1:6 ratio of chaperones to children. If children are under 3 years of age the ratio must be 1:3. If you do not bring the appropriate number of chaperones, you will be denied entry but charged for the field trip. Please encourage your chaperones to take advantage of the Playseum environment by engaging in imaginative play and staying off of their cell phones.

How many children can I bring?

We can accommodate field trips of up to 85 children. If you have fewer than 12 children with you, you do not need to book in advance as a field trip.

How long is a field trip?

The time allotted is 2 hours.  Our booking system allows for 10am to 12pm field trips to be booked. If you would like to have a 12pm to 2pm field trip, please let us know in the appointment notes.

What about lunch?

If you would like to all remain in the Playseum facility you may choose to utilize our party room as an area to eat your lunches for a $30 fee.  You will receive an additional 30 minutes if you rent the lunch room, and the opportunity to rotate your group throughout the 2.5 hour time of the field trip.  Our lunch room can seat up to 20 children and 5 adults at a time.

Booking a Field Trip

How do I schedule a field trip?

The best way to schedule a field trip is to book online here. With any questions, feel free to call or email us at or 240-507-8965.

To book online:
1. Select a service - “field trip”
2. Select your preferred date and time 
3. Enter your details and submit! 
4. You will receive an intake form via email that must be filled out before we can send you an estimate of the total 
5. Total Estimate / Invoice for deposit will be sent to you and any other email addresses provided. Payment of Deposit must be sent within seven days of booking for your field trip to be confirmed.

The Playseum is happy to accept checks for field trips only. If you would like to send a check by mail, please make sure it goes out with ample time to reach us before your deposit due date! Send checks to 348 Hemsley Drive Queenstown, MD 21658 or bring them in person to our Columbia store.

Full payment is due on or before your group's entry to the Playseum. If you check hasn't arrived yet, we reserve the right to charge the card on file and refund the amount when the check for the full amount arrives.

Cancellation Policy

If you have to change the time or date, you will be charged a $10.00 fee. The Playseum reserves the right to refuse entrance to unplanned or unpaid field trips.

If you should cancel or not show up on the expected date the deposit is lost and will not be refunded. There are NO refunds or credit given even if the number of children that was stated on your invoice happens to be less than the number attending. If you need to adjust the number of children and/or adults attending the field trip please notify us no later than seven days before your field trip takes place. Otherwise, you will be charged for the amount stated on your invoice, plus any additional, if applicable.

If you have to change the time or date, you will be charged a $10.00 fee. The Playseum reserves the right to refuse entrance to unplanned or unpaid field trips.

Code of Conduct

We ask that you treat our facility with kindness and respect. Please make it clear to your students and chaperones that props and toys need to be returned to where they were found before leaving each Cityshop (themed area) so that the next field trip group, or other Playseum guests can enjoy each room as much as they have!

The Playseum is meant to be a place filled with laughter, singing, dancing and movement! If students from your field trip become a negative disruption to others or our property you may be asked to leave our building and denied future field trips at the Playseum. Your school/daycare/camp will be responsible for damages.

call 240-507-8965 or click the button below to make a reservation.

Field Trips are available at our Easton, Maryland location up to 100 children plus chaperones.

Due to staffing at our Columbia Mall location, Playseum Columbia cannot host Field Trip groups of over 85 at a time. If your school, camp, or daycare would like to have a field trip at the Playseum we are open for groups up to 100 children plus adults in Easton, Monday thru Friday starting from 9am. Please click below for more information about Field Trips at Playseum Easton!