Parents! You are Superheroes!

We are so grateful to work alongside these small businesses. Thank you for your support!

Playseum vision

Kids Create, Parents Relate. We are here to rescue the imaginations of children and bring the heart of the child to the parent and the heart of the parent to the child through quality play.

Connect with your local community

If you are a journalist, blogger, or social media influencer focused on the local community, children, family, parenting, or exciting new concepts, and interested in featuring the Playseum, we would love to connect with you! Contact us at to get in touch.

Nominate a Family to be Blessed!

In 2006, after the passing of her mother, Ms. Gina, the Playseum’s founder and president, had a deep desire and inspiration to create a place where good memories could be made between children and their parents, grandparents, and loved ones while there was still time. Because life is short and every moment is special, we at the Playseum want to help families who need it most to make memories that will last.

To do this, we need your help! If a family you know is facing a terminal illness, has a parent deployed, lost their home to natural disaster or other extenuating circumstance, share it with us along with what you love about them or see in them that shines so brightly so that we can bless them with a family membership to the Playseum free of charge. Email to make your appeal for your friend or family member in need.

Greater Washington DC & Twin Cities Area

Locally in the Twin Cities and also in the greater Washington DC & Baltimore area we donate auction baskets to every approved school or charitable organization that asks. If your school or fundraising event is in need of an auction basket item, contact Playseum Columbia at Organization subject to approval.