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Mon-Thur 9am-4pm
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Mon-Sat 9am-6pm
Closed Sunday
April 20th

If there is "NO SCHOOL DAY" for MCPS, DC or VA, the PLAYSEUM will be open 9am-6pm!

We have Special Events happening all the time!

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Do you have a tween or teen then check out the UPSTAIRS, located right above the Bethesda Playseum. 

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We are working hard to make the Playseum Green!

We have found so many uses for the random items that you may have around the house! Click here to find out how to help us be green and have fun recycling!

Where it all began...

In 2009, Gina Seebachan and her four children created and tradmarked the concept and name PLAYSEUM. The Playseum is a for-profit business with a serious mission at its' heart. The goal from the beginning was to build a retail space unlike any other designed for parents and kids to build memories together. Hence the vision - "kids create and parents relate!" The mission on the other hand runs much deeper and more personal.  As her husband of 19 years is of Indian origin and she herself a granddaughter of Greek immigrants, the desire was to show kids and parents from all walks of life that they have the power to change the world one dollar at a time. 

Do you know that 10% of every dollar spent in the Playseum goes directly to Northern India to help rescue young children who would otherwise be trafficked or homeless? In the five years of the Playseum's existence over five children's homes have begun.  The Playseum is a full supporter of LIFE BRIDGE INDIA. The Playseum is currently helping with the shelter, food and education, of over 50 children every month. We invite you to come read, play and help a child far away.


We are a Children's Used Book Store in the design of a kid-size city, with hands-on fun! Click on "CityShops" to read about each interactive themed room that you can visit while at the Playseum.

Our goal is to bring family and community together under one roof in a great atmosphere, so parents and children can come in feeling good and leave feeling great.   Kids are encouraged to explore, play and use their imaginations. The Playseum is the ultimate place for kids to create and parents to relate!

One can also buy Playseum dollars to purchase books, toys or hands-on activities led by our staff. They are sold $1 for $1 or buy 25 playseum dollars for $20 at the door when you arrive. Whether it be fractions in the bakery,recycling in the art shop, etiquette in the diner, histroy in the grandma's attic, nurturing skills in the pet shop or sorting and numbers in the Safeway the list goes on. We have over 24 "CityShops" between the the two Playseums in Bethesda and Washington DC. Our hands-on activities are as vast as our book selection engaging all five senses of the child. It is firmly believed by Ms. Gina that when creativity collides with reality and wisdom is applied good memories are born.

Although we believe any age can enjoy the Playseum we have divided the Playseum into two areas; One known as "Be with Me" Playseum for kids ages 0-7 and the other known as "Upstairs" Playseum for ages 8-14 year olds. We currently offer an Upstairs Playseum only in Bethesda.  Children must be 8 or older to visit the UPSTAIRS Playseum allowing the "big kids" to have a safe and fun place they can call thier own. We encourage parents to enjoy quality time with their older kids, find a comfortable place to sit, read or use wifi.


Our Cityshops!

CityShops are so much fun and set up to expand your child's imagination. Your child can make a pretend pizza, shop for groceries, or pet an animal at the pet shop...there is so much to see. We've just named a few.

Our Bookstore!

Each CityShop has several books that are related to that room. For example, you might find a children's cookbook in our bakery or a "Fancy Nancy" book in our beauty salon. Every book you see is available for purchase or you can just enjoy reading them to your child during your visit.

Story Time!

Our ONE scheduled event each day is our story time. Story times run for about 15 minutes each Monday - Friday at 11am on Saturdays 11am, 2pm and 5pm and on Sundays at 2pm and 5pm.

There is more fun!!!

You may want to purchase playseum money to do some of our "above and beyond" activities to enjoy more interactive fun with your child!
You can: create something new in the art room, paint a ceramic, make your own chapstick, have your nails painted, make homemade pasta (DC location only), toothpaste, whip up a strawberry smoothie or decorate a cupcake with yummy toppings, and so much more!

You Must Know!

Admission is $7.00 per person- siblings under 10 months are free. The playseum can be enjoyed by all, but targeted to kids 1yrs old to 11yrs old.

The best part? You do not need to call ahead, no resevations needed nor memberships. Come in on your own time and spend as long as you would like. Your admission covers the whole day and with a wristband you can go out for lunch and come back in on the same day.


Need the Basic Info?

Info on Parking, Policies, Hours, Directions, Special Events...Click here.

We also do Birthday Parties and Fieldtrips!

Discount Deal! Our Busy Bee Package: 50 general admission passes that can be used 7 days a week with no expiration for $250. (Savings of $100). Or our Be With Me Package: 100 general admin passes that can be used 7 days a week with no expiration for $500. (Savings of $200).

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