Education Beyond the Classroom

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Learning initiatives at the playseum

Be  with  Me  Playseum  is  committed  to  advancing  seven  different  educational  initiatives  
with  active  learning  experiences  in  our  Adventure Zones and  beyond.

Science,  Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

To  address  the  rapidly  changing  world  in  which  we  live, it  is  imperative  that  children  become  flexible  thinkers and STEM  literate.  Active learning  experiences  set  with  real-world  content  present  children  with  problem-solving  challenges  that  nurture  deep  understandings  about  how  the  world  works  and  what  they  can  do  to  influence  their  own  future.

School  Readiness

Play  experiences,  both  child-directed  and  guided,  help  to  build  the  skills  necessary  for  a  smooth  transition  into  kindergarden academics and later throughout  the  school  years.   Our  School  Readiness  Initiative  builds  the following skill sets:   Conceptual  Thinking,  Language,  Spatial  Awareness,  Self-Regulation,  Creative  &  Flexible  Thinking,  Social  Skills,  Number  Knowledge,  and  Healthy  Bodies.

Financial  Literacy

Financial  literacy  comes  naturally  through  play  as  kids  experience  the  concepts  of  buying,  spending,  and  earning    Playseum  dollars.    Many  of  our  interactive areas offer  a  kid-sized  environment  to  develop  an  economic  perspective  of  the  world  they  live  in.  

Arts  &  Culture

Arts  and  Culture  thrive  in  a  variety  of  our  CityShops  and  throughout  our  activity  bars  helping  children  to  develop  an  appreciation  of  the  world  around  them.    Our  Adventure Zones teach children about geography in other parts of our country. The performing arts are emphasized in our Theater. We encourage kids to dress up and put on a show! Opportunity for participation in visual art through various mediums can be found in our Art Room. Creating art allows children to express themselves and helps develop emotional, motor, and problem-solving skills essential to them in their daily lives
We strive to a portion of our proceeds to

Memory  Enhancement

We  work  hard  to  engage  the  five  senses  to  trigger  the  stimulation  and  storage  of  memories. Through  the  interactive  experience  provided  by  each  room  of  the  Playseum,  not  only  do  children  learn  but  they  remember  what  they  learn.

Health  Awareness

Children  learn  healthy  habits  at  an  early  age  from  the  example  set  by  the  adults  around  them.  Engaging  in  healthy  play  reduces  the  risk  of  hypertension ,  diabetes,  obiesity,  and depression and other  serious  health  problems.  Physical  and  creative  play  also  helps  children  develop  control  over  their  muscles  and  emotions.  It  is  also  important  to  teach  children  to  include  fruits  and  vegetables  in  their  day.  Although  the  Playseum  is  a  destination  for  special  treats,  we  strive  to  offer  a  fruit  or  veggie  snack  as  a  free  group  activity  following  our  morning  story  time.

Booking a Field Trip

Field Trips are currently available at both our Washington DC locations. We hope to be able to provide field trips at the Omaha in the near future. Thanks for your patience.