Explore our Adventure Zones

The Playseum is excited to bring the great outdoors inside Oakview Mall! We are similar to a children's museum, but different in many ways.

At the Playseum Nebraska we have replicated some fun landscapes from across the USA that we call Adventure Zones.
Children are free to roam from room to room and encouraged to find what interests them....and than get mom and dad involved!
Let your imagination turn a visit to the mall into a pretend family vacation!

Explore the mountains of the Northwest!

More info coming soon.

Challenge an alligator in the Southeast!

More info coming soon.

New York, New York! Visit the Big City!

More info coming soon.

Camp under the stars in the Midwest!

More info coming soon.

Test your skills in the Wild Wild West!

More info coming soon.

Purchase Playseum Dollars!

Children and parents are welcome to roam and explore any of our Adventure Zones with the price of admission, there is plenty to do and see!
If you'd like to try some of the interactive activities lead by our team members in the SoapBar, ScienceBar, Art Room and Bakery, you may purchase Playseum Dollars. Books and toys and sand bags for our gold mine may be purchased with Playseum Dollars as well.

How does Playseum Money Work?

At the Playseum, we use Playseum Dollars to help teach children the value of a dollar! In the automated world we live in today, children learn that anything can be purchased with the swipe of a card or the click of a button. In our kid-sized city we conduct transacations between Team Members and children through Playseum Dollars to encourage you and your child to discuss what they can buy, how to budget, save, and pay for the activities, books, or toys they desire.

The exchange rate is $1 = $1 Playseum Dollar. When you get your wristbands to enter the Playseum you may buy as many as you like or if you'd like to take a look around first, you may come back to the front counter to purchase at anytime.

What Activities are Available?

We have a menu of activities for your children to choose from at each bar. These are activities lead by a Playseum Team Member. Projects range in price from $2-10 Playseum Dollars and are available daily. All projects go home with you that day.

Bakery Bar
Put on an apron and a chef's hat and get ready to decorate a delicious cupcake or cookie. Our Bakery Bar has so many candies to choose from, kids will remember making this treat for a long time!

Art Bar
We carry a variety of projects that children (and adults) are able to paint. We supply the paint and just pick out a project and get creative! Wood projects and ceramic hand tiles are available daily.

Soap Bar
You can mix up your
favorite scented bubble bath, get your fingernails painted, or learn how to make chapstick and toothpaste!

Science Bar
Slime! We can make slime! All different colors and even make it smell good. Visit our
bar to see what other projects we offer. It may change with the season.

We are proud to say that the playseum was designed with educational initiatives put in place, please visit the "fieldtrips" page to explore the learning opportunities available for your child.