About Us Omaha

Meet Ms. Pepper and Family

Meet Shaun and Pepper

These are the crazy parents behind the Playseum Nebraska! Be sure and say "hello" if you see them! Ms. Pepper will most likely be there each day, reading stories or making slime :)
Mr. Shaun likes to stay behind the scenes but he really is the glue that holds it all together.

Meet Gina and Jason

Ms. Gina is Pepper's older sister and the original creator of the Playseum! She has opened 2 locations in the Washington DC area and another Playseum just for teens. This simple business idea that was once just a scribble on a napkin has changed the lives her family and ours forever. The Playseum has brought so much love, joy and happiness to us and so many others around the world. Bringing the Playseum to Nebraska, would not have been possible with Gina's constant love, support and guidance through the whole process!

Meet Journey

Journey is our oldest and currently in high school. She spends many nights after school working to keep the Playseum a fun and inviting place to play. Journey brings out the creativity in little kids, she loves teaching them to paint or decorate cookies. She has a love for art and animals, she has talent that blows us away, and is so incredibly smart!  The art murals on our walls were painted by Miss J.

Meet Dillan

Dillan is our middle child and very much my little assistant manager. She has a heart of gold, the kindest spirit you'll ever meet and children are drawn to her like magnets.. Dillan keeps us moving! She wants to live everyday to the fullest! Her love for nature, love for the outdoors and exploring has inspired each of our adventure zones.

Meet Brody

Brody is our youngest, but his age doesn't hold him back. He is an entrepreneur at heart. If he could he would be managing the books, ordering inventory and stocking the toy store. He loves to be in business! He is excited to see our family business grow and maybe someday be the boss!

Our Story

We are a proud Coast Guard military family and after all the moving back and forth across the country, our final job assignment was Omaha!
Yes, believe it or not, there is Coast Guard in Omaha! It was a huge change from a mountainous island in Alaska! Military life is like no other, with the constant moving and never ending change, it can be a struggle at times, but also truly a blessing!

Our kids grew up learning life hands-on! Our family seeks adventures, we thrive on finding the wonders in nature that make our country so beautiful. We love to hike, bike, fish, paddle board, and get lost outside. In Alaska, our kids got to be inches away from killer whales in the wild, fish for salmon and halibut that were as big as them, hike up mountains some adults couldn't handle, and even stand on glaciers! In Florida, we saw alligators up close, decorated palm trees for Christmas, and spent numerous hours in the crystal clear waters of many sandy beaches on the coast. In North Carolina, we learned how to catch blue crab, learned how to swim, and discovered many small beach towns along the east coast. Our kids were born in Michigan, where we bought our first home, and the only time in our career where we were really able to somewhat close to family. The friends nearby have become our family and "home" is really where you make it....

Omaha has been a new adventure! The people of Omaha are some of the friendliest we have ever met! The schools are great and our kids are ready to stay put for awhile. Journey has been in 8 schools in the past 12 years! Omaha has challenged us though, with it's harsh winters and extreme temperatures in the summer. The concept behind the Playseum Nebraska was to bring some of our best outdoor adventures, well...what was possible, into an indoor space so children could play "outside" all year long.

From one loving parent to another, I invite you to come to the Playseum and enjoy spending time with your child as they explore, create, play, and read, taking every opportunity to engage them and build lasting memories together.

Our Beliefs

LIFE- We believe all children are gifts from God. Every life, big or small, is of great worth and therefore every child and parent is valuable to us.

FAMILY- Family and friends are vital.. We treasure the opportunity to offer people a place to create new moments & memories.

GOD- God is the giver of life and we hope to honor Him in all that we do. He is the source and inspiration for the our creativity & passion.