PlayseumDollars MN

what is playseum money for?

Beyond roll- play and exploration the Playseum offers a plethora of educational, artistic, and stem-based activities that will engage your child’s five senses, trigger their curiosity, challenge their thinking, and test their creativity.  These activities are offered every day with no sign-ups necessary which allows your child(ren) to do an activity one -on –one with a Playseum Team Member.  These activities range from 5 -20 minutes in length. They vary in price from $3-$30 with the average activity costing $5.  Activities are purchased with Playseum Dollars.  

WHat are Playseum Dollars?

At the Playseum, we use Playseum Dollars to help teach children the value of a dollar! In the automated world we live in today, children learn that anything can be purchased with the swipe of a card or the click of a button. In our kid-sized city, we conduct transactions between Team Members and children through Playseum Dollars to encourage you and your child to discuss what they can buy, how to budget, save, and pay for the activities, books, or toys they desire.

The exchange rate is $1 = $1 Playseum Dollar. When you get your wristbands to enter the Playseum, you may buy as many as you like, or if you would like to buy 25 before entering you will pay only twenty dollars. You may come back to the front counter to purchase more at any time.

The PLAYSEUM DOLLARS can be used at our various Playseum Bars. With the instruction of a
PLAYSEUM Staff Member, your child can create and design their own products. Whatever you make, you take home the same day.

WANT TO BE A SCIENTIST? Checkout the Soap and Science Bars

  • At the Science and Soap Bars you and your child can make things such as:  fluffy slime, scented putty, Candy Lip Balm, Sanitizer Spray, Bath Bombs, bubble bath, bars of soap or even their own toothpaste.

  • You also can dress up like a scientist, goggles and all.

  • Playseum dollars are needed. ($3-$15)

NEED TO SPARK YOUR TASTE BUDS?  Checkout the Bake Shop

  • At the BakeShop, parents and children can put on aprons and don a chef hat to decorate a cookie or a cupcake, make a healthy snack, a one-minute miracle brownie with toppings or even mix up some nonedible chocolate or cinnamon playdough.  

  • At the BakeShop, you and your child can also purchase snacks and hot or cold beverages.

  • Playseum dollars are needed. ($1-$6)

EMBRACE YOUR INNER ARTIST!  Check out the Art Shop

  • In the ArtShop, parents and children can choose from a variety of art mediums:  You can paint a ceramic, a wood project, a Styrofoam airplane, or a canvas.  

  • Do not pass up painting on our infamous art wall, where all ages can throw on a t ’shirt and grab a brush along with some water-based paint to paint their own creation, then spray it down with water and a squeegee.  

  • If your children are on the younger side, then please sit ‘em down to the mess free paint table where the paint is already in the paper or grab some good ol’ fashion color crayons and paper.  

  • Be sure to visit the craft house where you will find a special self-serve project of the week. These projects always coordinate with holidays and special events.  

  • The Mad Matter Table is a must for the whole family. Create your own Legos, cut outs as you squish the substance through your fingers.  

  • Playseum dollars are needed for some items in this area.  ($3-$30)

  • All projects including the ceramics are taken home the same day.