A letter from Ms. Gina, the Playseum Owner

My dear fellow residents of Minnesota,

My heart grieved as I watched the video and saw such injustice toward our fellow African American brothers and sisters.  As a small business and a new business in Minnesota, I asked myself as the owner what can I do to change the tide?  We want you to know that there is a safe place to enjoy family time during such craziness in our world and such horrific violence. May you come into the Playseum and find happiness, joy, peace and laughter allowing your children and yourselves to think on better things and to allow your children to imagine a world without hate.

As of May 18th the Ridgedale Center has opened to the Public and the Playseum has opened with the same hours as the Mall. ALL ARE WELCOME HERE!

Below are a few ways to enjoy the PLAYSEUM FROM HOME....

Birthday in a BOX
For many the thought of birthdays brings sadness right now. How do you explain to your child that they are not going to get a party with friends? Therefore, I have been brainstorming on how we could bring the Playseum Birthday experience to your child and do it with friends but in a virtual way, introducing the Playseum Birthday in a Box!

If you have a child’s birthday around the corner or even if it has already past but with no adieu, Contact us. We want to send you and each of your child’s friends a Birthday Box full to the brim with everything for you to have a virtual Birthday Party that kids can comprehend, and some laughter can be had by all.  Some of you do not even have a birthday coming up, but your child could use this to brighten their mood and reconnect with some friends in a fun hopeful way.  Visit our Birthday Page for more info or just call us at 301-807-8028.

Playseum at home
I have created two options for your children to make and create playseum fun at home! Our kits include everything you need to make a lasting memory at home. The DIY kits are available now and will be shipped right to your door.

Large Cookie Kit: $40, includes tax and shipping.
* Eight fresh sugar cookies
* Two bags of buttercream icing
* Six different types of sprinkles
* Four mini spoons
* One container full of wrapped candies
* Four small decorating plates
* Two Free admission passes to the Playseum

Small Cookie Kit: $30, includes tax and shipping.
• Four fresh sugar cookies
• One bag of buttercream icing
• Six different types of sprinkles
• Two mini spoons for spreading
• One free admission pass

Arts and crafts Kit: $30, includes tax and shipping.
* One small canvas puzzle
* One flying foam Airplane
* Two paintbrush
* One paint pallet
* Two sets of paint
* One set of scratch and sniff smelly stickers
* Two Free admission passes to the Playseum  

Will Arrive within 3-4 days from Date of Order.
Amex, Visa, Discover and MC
Call us at 301-807-8028 to order for a DIY kit or a Birthday in a Box

The Playseum is a place to make good family memories! Our focus is on getting kids to play!

Our Children's Book & Toy Store
has the latest and greatest toys on the market.. We don't carry electronics, just plain ol' toys that you can really "play" with! A majority of the toys you'll find in our play area are available for sale in our store. It's a great place to find that unique gift for a birthday or special occasion!

Children are able to explore, discover and play in our uniquely designed city shops, created to mimic mom and dad's world but uniquely scaled to their size. Dress the part to fix a car at the mechanics shop, build a favorite pizza at the Italian restaurant, take x-rays of a patient in the hospital room or even pretend to bathe a puppy in the petshop....we have so many rooms for them to explore! Our space caters to ages 1 to 11 yrs, but we encourage our parents, grandparents and older siblings to play along too. Admission is required.

Be sure to check out our kid-friendly bars offering interactive, hands-on projects guided by our Playseum Team.
You and your child will be able to make, create, decorate, design or experiment together, There is an Art Bar with projects to paint, a Bakery Bar with cookies and cupcakes to decorate, a Science Bar to make slime, and a Soap Bar to mix up your favorite bubble bath or toothpaste. Admission is required, plus purchase of Playseum Dollars.

Playseum kids have so much fun!

Birthdays. Field Trips. We have it covered!

We have all the ingredients to create a memorable day.

We offer several birthday
parties packages for your
child's special day.

All birthday parties come
with a cupcake celebration
and Playseum dollars for
each child to spend.
Your guests are able to make their own custom party favor to
take home with them!

We can only host a few
birthday parties per week, so please call  today to
reserve your party!

What people are saying....

How Toys R Us, Camp, and
Playseum Will Alter Toy Retailing.

-Sanford Stein, a Forbes Contributor

Twin Cities Play Places

"Located in the Ridgedale Mall, Minnesota Playseum is one of the newest play spaces in the Twin Cities, and it really does live up to all the hype it’s getting."

-Twin Cities Play Places

Gifts for Everyone from Ridgedale Center

"Experience Gift: Be With Me Children's Playseum with curated vignettes designed to encourage experiential play and learning."


We are a small family owned business and love being a part of Minnetonka and the surrounding communities.
We want to thank all the awesome families in the Twin Cities for your love and support in making this a reality!