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The Playseum is excited to bring the a wonderful place for families to Ridgedale Mall!
We are similar to a children's museum, but different in many ways.

At the Playseum Minnesota we have designed a kid-sized city that caters to imaginations big and small.
Children are free to roam from room to room and encouraged to find what interests them....and then get mom and dad involved!
The Playseum can turn a regular visit to the mall into the perfect day that
creates some long-lasting memories with your child!

Come Shopping with Me in the Grocery Store!

Everybody’s got to eat. A grocery store is the perfect place to find everything you need in one place. Fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, grains, sauces, and all the parts for any recipe imaginable can be found at the right grocery store. Some even have in-store bakeries for fresh-baked treats, gourmet deli’s, pizzeria’s, and sushi bars. Children love to go grocery shopping like their parents. Something simple and tedious for adults is a great adventure for kids; one in which they get to be in charge. Next time you are at your local grocery store, consider letting your kids choose a fruit or vegetable they’ve never tasted before, so long as they agree to help you make it and eat it. look up the best way to prepare it and try it together. Being involved in the process of shopping and cooking can help kids feel more inclined to try new things and eat all of the food on their plate.

See play prompts for the Grocery Store...

  • Think of a recipe you have made with your child before; what might you need to make it? Have them grab a basket or a cart and fill it up with all the necessary ingredients. Don’t forget to help them check out as the cashier.

  • Clean up in isle two! Give your child an apron and let them pretend to be the grocery clerk. They can stock shelves, arrange fruit pyramids and man the register. Pick out some fruits and vegetables and check out with them at the counter.

  • Every family eats a little differently. Have your child pick out three fruits or vegetables they’ve eaten before and three they have not. find anything new? Make a mental note to try it with them sometime!

  • When you’re all done, play a sorting game with your child using everything they purchased or any items out of place. Can they match the food in the cart with the pictures in each basket or shelf?

Come Save the Day with Me at the Fire Station!

Firefighters and Policeman sacrifice their time, energy, and lives to protect us every day. Our city, like any, will always be in debt to its local heroes for their service on missions past and those to come. While in our fire station, take a moment to remember the fallen heroes and admire the beautiful community you enjoy thanks to their efforts. Children love to be heroes too! Use this room to help teach your children about fire safety and that rules are made to protect rather than constrain. Take a moment (or more) to unlock your own imagination and be a hero or person in need of their rescue!

See play prompts for the FireHouse...

  • Imagine there is a fire, the City is in danger!  Put on a helmet, pull on a jacket, and grab a fire extinguisher. Be sure to replace all costumes and toys for the next little firefighters!  

  • Teach your child this simple phrase Stop, Drop and Roll if they ever were on fire.  

  • Jump on the truck and rescue the house next door from burning down. You'll have to work with others and think fast to save the day and be a town hero. 

  • Help your child understand that when there is a fire, firemen need to do whatever they must do to rescue life.  

Come Enjoy the Outdoors with Me Up North!

Experiencing the clean air, looking up at the stars, fishing the lake, getting bit by mosquitoes – it’s all a part of going Up North! Welcoming sun and camping fun are sure to ensue when you embark on the adventure of a childhood to the magical world of singing crickets, shimmering water, and bonfire s’mores. Ms.Gina loved every summer she spent chasing cousins around the cabin and throwing a hopeful line into the lake with her grandfather. Here in the Playseum, you can enjoy being Up North year-round, and everyone can help build the fire.  

See play prompts for the Outdoors...

  • Walk between the trees, reach down and touch the grass. Close your eyes and imagine the marsh around you, look up at the starry sky above you. …Oh! A shooting star; did you make a wish?

  • Let your child go inside the tent and find what equipment they’ve packed for the journey. What else would they bring? What shouldn’t be brought to a campsite? Why not?

  • Sit in the grass and help your child build a campfire. Pretend to roast marshmallows and make s’mores. Sing a silly song together or tell them a story.

  • Talk with your kids about safety while on adventure. Why is it important to always have a buddy or two when going out to play or explore?

  • When you are all finished, help your children to be respectful and set up camp so others can enjoy playing Up North as they have!

Come Put on a Show with Me in the Theatre!

Theatres are places where humanity is on display. Plays, musicals, operas, ballets; they are written and composed to show people in all stages of life, from all backgrounds, encountering all kinds of conflict and joy.  They are written to help people get through tough times, or to enjoy and relish the good. Sometimes, such works are not just made for the audience but the author; whose art provides them safety and courage to speak. Everyone has got something to say. Whether as a dance or song- with a motion or a word - our voice can be found through many mediums.  Sit back and watch your child shine, express what they’ve seen before, and imagine and create what they haven’t. See them,listen, and at the end don’t forget the applause!

See play prompts for the Theatre...

  • Help your child put a costume over their clothes, ask them why they chose that costume and even what they’d like to do on stage. Put on a silly hat, grab a prop, or find an adult costume that fits and join them!

  • Go to our president’s wall and take in all the history. Ask your child which ones they recognize or if they learned about any of them in school. Ask them if they know why we have a president instead of a king. Help your child dress up like Lincoln or Washington. Don’t forget to hang up all your props and costumes when you’re finished!

  • Giddy up! Let your child dress up like an American pioneer or cowboy and hop on the stationary saddle.

  • Go to the puppet house and encourage your child to tell a story with the puppets. Take a puppet and be a part of the show or sit back and watch their imagination flex.

Come Celebrate Heritage with Me in the Scandinavian Café!

Enjoying and experiencing the taste, smell, and process of making food connects people across space and time. One of Ms. Gina’s most unique childhood memories is enjoying homemade lefsa with her Norwegian grandparents and driving up north, stopping at every hole-in-the-wall, mom and pop café in sight. When you eat something connected to your personal culture or that of the community around you, it opens a door from the past into the present and can influence the way you approach the future. Here in our Scandinavian Café, children play and imagine in the familiar environment of a restaurant while parents help them explore the hallmarks of their heritage or the heritage of their fellow Minnesotans.  

See play prompts for the Scandinavian Cafe...

  • Encourage your child to don a chef hat and apron from the Scandinavian Café and stand behind the counter with a rolling pin.  

  • Sit down and order something from the menu. Don’t forget to give your complements to the chef.

  • Look at all the types of breads and pastries on the wall or in the baskets, can you and your child guess what Scandinavian Country they are from?

  • Before you leave, be respectful and clean up after yourself so others can enjoy playing in our Café as you have!

Come find Family in Grandma and Grandpa’s House with Me! 

Growing up with grandparents, cousins, and great aunts nearby is always a blessing. It’s a near instant connection to your roots that many children are not able to experience. Exploring Grandma and Grandpa’s house and learning about all the storied “artifacts” tucked in every corner, playing with dolls and board games, sitting by the fire and finding secret passageways are the greatest memories of Ms.Gina’s youngest years. Whether too hot, too cold, full of ice or mosquitoes,Grandma and Grandpa’s house is always an oasis from place as well as time. Discovery of new clothing, cooking utensils, books, and devices they will never again encounter (circa 1940-1990) awaits in grandma and grandpa’s kitchen, living room, and hearth. While the opportunities of a “bigger” more connected world are limitless, it is good to learn about the past from which you came. We hold that the best way for children to learn is to embrace, imagine, and connect.Let the memories of your childhood fuel new memories for your children to cherish. This room has been dedicated to Gina’s grandparents and mom; all of whom passed on before the first Playseum was built and her father who passed away in 2019, who lived in Minnesota till the end. Their passing has continued to inspire her to help families build memories while they can. For us who do not have such loved ones near, simpler times and old-fashioned processes will stay preserved in the Playseum Grandma and Grandpa’s house - No need to ring a bell: Come on in!

See play prompts for the Grandma and Grandpa's House...

  • If you see something from your childhood- or your grandma’s house, share the memory with them! Children love to hear about your life and knowing that you were once their age too.  

  • Did your child run toward some monstrous machine they don’t understand? Maybe it’s a typewriter, television set, or record player. Show them what it is and what it was once used for. Ask them what device they use to do the same thing today. Reflect together on how time changes things teaching humanity all along the way.

  • Help your child try on fancy dresses, hats, gloves, and scarves or grandpa’s trousers, ties, and jackets. Bring a baby doll on a stroll through the house and serve tea to the teddy bears at a real wooden dining table.

  • Take a seat in the armchair or on the couch with your child. Read a classic fairy tale together and discuss with them the moral of the story.    

  • Does your child know your phone number? Practice learning phone numbers as you show them how a number had to be dialed on a rotary telephone or land line.    

Come Play in the Snow with Me

More info coming soon.

City Shop

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Purchase Playseum Dollars!

Children and parents are welcome to roam and explore any of our City Shops with the price of admission, there is plenty to do and see!
If you'd like to try some of the interactive activities lead by our team members in the SoapBar, ScienceBar, Art Room and Bakery, you may purchase Playseum Dollars. Books and Toys may be purchased with Playseum Dollars as well.

How does Playseum Money Work?

At the Playseum, we use Playseum Dollars to help teach children the value of a dollar! In the automated world we live in today, children learn that anything can be purchased with the swipe of a card or the click of a button. In our kid-sized city we conduct transacations between Team Members and children through Playseum Dollars to encourage you and your child to discuss what they can buy, how to budget, save, and pay for the activities, books, or toys they desire.

The exchange rate is $1 = $1 Playseum Dollar. When you get your wristbands to enter the Playseum you may buy as many as you like or if you'd like to take a look around first, you may come back to the front counter to purchase at anytime.

What Activities are Available?

We have a menu of activities for your children to choose from at each bar. These are activities lead by a Playseum Team Member. Projects range in price from $2-10 Playseum Dollars and are available daily. All projects go home with you that day.

Bakery Bar
Put on an apron and a chef's hat and get ready to decorate a delicious cupcake or cookie. Our Bakery Bar has so many candies to choose from, kids will remember making this treat for a long time!

Art Bar
We carry a variety of projects that children (and adults) are able to paint. We supply the paint and just pick out a project and get creative! Wood projects and ceramic hand tiles are available daily.

Soap Bar
You can mix up your
favorite scented bubble bath, get your fingernails painted, or learn how to make chapstick and toothpaste!

Science Bar
Slime! We can make slime! All different colors and even make it smell good. Visit our
bar to see what other projects we offer. It may change with the season.

We are proud to say that the playseum was designed with educational initiatives put in place, please visit the "fieldtrips" page to explore the learning opportunities available for your child.