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The Be with Me Playseum City Shops are different rooms or areas within the Playseum where ‘one family at a time’ gets to play together, explore together, create together, ultimately building new memories together.  Each room is to be explored as an individual family unless you come in with a friend.   This way you and your child will receive full enjoyment when it comes to building, creating, and roll-playing together.  

If a City shop room is already occupied, you may visit another Cityshop while you wait or ask to join the other family in play.  We guarantee that the amusement and entertainment you will experience here will be like no other play place. There will be no video games, blinking lights, electronics, bouncy things or sideline-sitting, but a wealth of fully themed interactive rooms called, “CityShops”.

Playseum kids have so much fun!

They say that photos tell a thousand words, so here's a glimpse inside the Minnesota Playseum from a child's viewpoint.
Below these precious photos you'll find a brief description of each CityShop room, from our
firehouse to the theater your children is sure to find some fun! Please visit our Facebook page for up to date info and more amazing photos!

View some of our City Shops below...

Come Shopping with Me in the Grocery Store!

Shop with your little ones, letting them take the lead at the grocery store with grocery carts “just their size”, you will be amazed how your littles shop. When they are done with their shopping experience, you can teach them the matching game to put it all back on the shelves for the next shopper.

See play prompts for the Grocery Store...

  • Think of a recipe you have made with your child before; what might you need to make it? Have them grab a basket or a cart and fill it up with all the necessary ingredients. Don’t forget to help them check out as the cashier.

  • Clean up in isle two! Give your child an apron and let them pretend to be the grocery clerk. They can stock shelves, arrange fruit pyramids and man the register. Pick out some fruits and vegetables and check out with them at the counter.

  • Every family eats a little differently. Have your child pick out three fruits or vegetables they’ve eaten before and three they have not. find anything new? Make a mental note to try it with them sometime!

  • When you’re all done, play a sorting game with your child using everything they purchased or any items out of place. Can they match the food in the cart with the pictures in each basket or shelf?

Come Home with Me via Dwellings Real Estate

When you go on a fabulous adventure, whether across your backyard, neighborhood, or the world, it is always nice to return to a place called home. A place where you can relax, put your feet up, make a delicious cup of hot chocolate or a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies. No matter the fun to be found outside of your house, home always welcomes you back with open arms. Keller Williams Dwellings Real Estate Team understands that finding such a home is not always easy! It takes time, effort, and a personal touch that Keller Williams Dwellings Real Estate Team are dedicated to providing, all to make your search for home a breeze. We thank them for sponsoring and supporting us! (Find out more on our community page)

For younger children, our play house with its brightly colored pieces and easily interlocking combinations provide hours of pattern practice and fine-motor development. Even looking for just the right piece strengthens sorting skills, a key part of early childhood math curriculum. Building blocks and bricks teach thinking in three dimensional perspectives– a precursor to physics. Children of all ages also hone creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork through building play

See play prompts for the Play Home...

  • Have your child explore our lile home! Ask them what they found inside and what those items may be used for in your house.

  • Ask your child to think of a house they’ve seen before and if your family could live there.  Think about how many bedrooms it had, if it had a fence, a fireplace, or a lot of stairs up to the front door. Is there a particular problem that they can think of which would prevent it from being your perfect home? Next, imagine a new house that solves that problem. What did it need? Talk about their solution.

  • Grab a raincoat and boats and plant a garden.

  • Can you iron Dad’s shirt?

  • Vacuum the carpet or wash the dishes.

  • Let your child be a real estate agent, put on a suit jacket, and sell you a house! What kinds of things do all houses need? Ask them and discuss their responses. Don’t forget to let them be imaginative!

Come Save the Day with Me at the Fire Station!

What does your child want to be when they grow up? Visit our kid-size fire house where children can be the hero! The station has jackets, helmets and a fire truck, and don't forget to pet the station Dalmatian.

See play prompts for the FireHouse...

  • Imagine there is a fire, the City is in danger!  Put on a helmet, pull on a jacket, and grab a fire extinguisher. Be sure to replace all costumes and toys for the next little firefighters!  

  • Teach your child this simple phrase Stop, Drop and Roll if they ever were on fire.  

  • Jump on the truck and rescue the house next door from burning down. You'll have to work with others and think fast to save the day and be a town hero. 

  • Help your child understand that when there is a fire, firemen need to do whatever they must do to rescue life.  

Come Enjoy the Outdoors with Me Up North!

Put on a good ol’ MN BBQ, set up camp, fish for alphabets, or make a pretend campfirewith pretend smore’s and all or disappear to the cabin in the great “UpNorth”. The wildlife in our woods up north are very friendly and love hugs.  Remember don’t feed the bear!  

See play prompts for the Outdoors...

  • Walk between the trees, reach down and touch the grass. Close your eyes and imagine the marsh around you, look up at the starry sky above you. …Oh! A shooting star; did you make a wish?

  • Let your child go inside the tent and find what equipment they’ve packed for the journey. What else would they bring? What shouldn’t be brought to a campsite? Why not?

  • Sit in the grass and help your child build a campfire. Pretend to roast marshmallows and make s’mores. Sing a silly song together or tell them a story.

  • Talk with your kids about safety while on adventure. Why is it important to always have a buddy or two when going out to play or explore?

  • When you are all finished, help your children to be respectful and set up camp so others can enjoy playing Up North as they have!

Come Be Healthy and Strong with Me with New Kingdom Healthcare

Kids learn by mimicking what they have seen when they have gone to the doctor. Our doctors office provides an opportunity for them to put on the doctor's jacket and check a temperature, listen to your heart, and put together a skeleton puzzle. They love to take appointments at the front desk and answer the phone.

This City Shop is sponsored by New Kingdom Healthcare! Check out this amazing Family practice and find a clinic in your area.  Come and see the new pretend doctor’s office this August.

Come Make a Delicious Italian Pizza Pie with Me!

Every kid loves pizza, and it even better when you can create your own! Better yet, add toppings that mom and dad might not like. Have fun building the perfect pretend pizzas and than have the kids serve it up in our Italian restaurant. Don't forget to make an Italian Soda with our soda stand.

Come Put on a Show with Me in the Theatre!

Our theater is designed for dress up and imagination, please do not be shy, dress up with them and put on a play. Put on a puppet show for your kids or do one together.  We have costumes for all ages.  

See play prompts for the Theatre...

  • Help your child put a costume over their clothes, ask them why they chose that costume and even what they’d like to do on stage. Put on a silly hat, grab a prop, or find an adult costume that fits and join them!

  • Go to our president’s wall and take in all the history. Ask your child which ones they recognize or if they learned about any of them in school. Ask them if they know why we have a president instead of a king. Help your child dress up like Lincoln or Washington. Don’t forget to hang up all your props and costumes when you’re finished!

  • Giddy up! Let your child dress up like an American pioneer or cowboy and hop on the stationary saddle.

  • Go to the puppet house and encourage your child to tell a story with the puppets. Take a puppet and be a part of the show or sit back and watch their imagination flex.

Come Celebrate Heritage with Me in the Scandinavian Café!

Here in our Scandinavian Café, children play and imagine in the familiar environment of a restaurant while parents help them explore the hallmarks of their heritage or the heritage of their fellow Minnesotans.  

See play prompts for the Scandinavian Cafe...

  • Encourage your child to don a chef hat and apron from the Scandinavian Café and stand behind the counter with a rolling pin.  

  • Sit down and order something from the menu. Don’t forget to give your complements to the chef.

  • Look at all the types of breads and pastries on the wall or in the baskets, can you and your child guess what Scandinavian Country they are from?

  • Before you leave, be respectful and clean up after yourself so others can enjoy playing in our Café as you have!

Come Play in the Snow with Me

Minnesota is known for its great wintery weather! Come build a snow fort, pet a pretend deer, or have a snowball fight with your kids. Enjoy the winter fun without the winter cold!

Come visit Grandma and Grandpa’s House with Me! 

Visit Grandma and Grandpa’s house, can you spot anything from your childhood? This is a great place to talk to your child about things from the past or items you know your mom or grandma used.  

See play prompts for the Grandma and Grandpa's House...

  • If you see something from your childhood- or your grandma’s house, share the memory with them! Children love to hear about your life and knowing that you were once their age too.  

  • Did your child run toward some monstrous machine they don’t understand? Maybe it’s a typewriter, television set, or record player. Show them what it is and what it was once used for. Ask them what device they use to do the same thing today. Reflect together on how time changes things teaching humanity all along the way.

  • Help your child try on fancy dresses, hats, gloves, and scarves or grandpa’s trousers, ties, and jackets. Bring a baby doll on a stroll through the house and serve tea to the teddy bears at a real wooden dining table.

  • Take a seat in the armchair or on the couch with your child. Read a classic fairy tale together and discuss with them the moral of the story.    

  • Does your child know your phone number? Practice learning phone numbers as you show them how a number had to be dialed on a rotary telephone or land line.    

Come Explore a Dentist Office with Me

Check in with your child receptionist for your pretend dentist appointment. Kids love to play with giant toothbrushes and give you a good report! Learn about teeth and the best ways to keep them healthy and clean.

A NEW City Shop is Coming Soon!

A new room in the Playseum is coming soon! Revolution is a Chiropractic Wellness Center on a Mission. Leading the Way in a Healthcare Revolution. Visit their website at

Come Create the Ultimate Taco with Me!

Equipped with menu and all the ingredients to make the ultimate taco, your kids can build a masterpiece for a pretend dinner. Kids will gain skills on cooking and what to add and subtract for the perfect meal. Almost looks real enough to eat!

Come Care for Animals with Me

The animals in our pet clinic would love to take a pretend bath, get brushed and pampered. Show mom and dad how you could care for a puppy or kitten. If the puppy or kitten is under the weather, visit the vet and give your pet the medicine he needs.

Come Fix Minnesota Roads with Me!

Everyone knows that Minnesota is known for its two seasons, winter and road construction. When it comes to our roads here in Minnesota, they are filled with potholes, hence to construction season, yes we do have potholes on our pretend road as well, they are big enough for your child to don a construction hat and stand in, so please monitor them on the road and be sure to take some fun photos.

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