We value reading at the Playseum! We want to give you and your child quality time to enjoy a great book. So as you venture through each space, grab a book off a shelf, and read with your child the next time you’re here! They may really want to learn about farm animals after playing in the barn, or become curious about cars after visiting the auto shop. We encourage you to sit and read a story together. If it's a favorite, check our toy store to see if it's available to purchase and take home.


We carry a unique variety of childrens Toys! We like to offer our guests the opportunity to buy some of the same toys that they played with while at the Playseum. Please keep us in mind when shopping for a birthday party or a special occassion.

All toys can be purchased with Playseum dollars or cash or credit card,

Each Tuesday and Thursday morning, join us for a group storytime. (Time is yet to be determined)