A place where kids create
and parents relate.

3 Great Locations!

Who is Ms. Gina and what is the Be with me Playseum really all about?

“It was in 2007 after my fourth child had just turned nine months old when I came to the decision to stop working and be home full time. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I can’t say it has been easy though. Without family nearby to help us mixed with the crazy fast paced DC life; my husband and I knew that we needed to stop and reevaluate our lives before we dangerously crashed. We dropped much from our schedules and said “no” to things that we had commonly said “yes” to without thought. We needed a change as a family. We concluded and agreed together that we had been given but a few years to raise-up, train, discipline and educate our children.” ~Ms. Gina

“Come in and play and we help a child far away.”
 In fulfilling its mission, the Be with Me Playseum, which began in the heart of Bethesda, Maryland has now grown and touched multiple cities with its current locations in Easton, Maryland, Columbia, Maryland, and Minnetonka, Minnesota.   Welcoming more than 100,000 guests combined each year since 2009, the Playseum has given parents a unique opportunity to connect and play with their own children.  In turn, Be with Me Playseum has reached into India, rescuing and supporting some 100 children who would have otherwise been trafficked or left on the streets, and in East Africa, building a well each year through www.mylifetoday.org/give in communities where clean water is needed to live.   Ms. Gina, along with her entire family in 2016 traveled to China and helped build a Children’sMuseum there outside of Chengdu for the Left Behind children of China, www.borgenproject.org.  

Through Be with Me Playseum, Ms. Gina has created and designed an effective trademarked business model.  A model, which combines championing the need of parents to advocate and be given the opportunity, through a powerfully created venue, for quality time with their children; while at the same time championing the needs of parents in far less fortunate places to advocate and be given the opportunity to live with clean water, without abuse, and with food and shelter. Through the Be with Me Playseum, Ms. Gina and her team provide a rich environment for parents and grandparents to build life-long memories with their children and grandchildren.  Ms. Gina’s heart and the heart of her team is quickly seen as they interact daily with people of all ages showing them that they have value, they have been created for a purpose, and coming into what you thought was just a day of play, actually helped a family far away.  

She, the PlayseumTeam, and her entire family thank you!   Her vision is to see Playseums built in communities across the Nation.  “When creativity collides with wisdom and Love- the imagination is ignited, and memories are born.” Ms. Gina  

The next time you think of playing, think “Playseum!” 

To learn more or ask questions: contact Ms. Gina at gina@playseum.com