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Becoming a playseum visionary sponsor!

Playseum Visionary Sponsorship  

Support a business with values you believe in and values that you want to keep around in your community for the years to come.
 The Playseum is looking for families who want to undergird us with their financial support.  A Playseum Visionary Sponsorship is a way for your family to proactively come alongside the Playseum in the fight for family and the community! 

Just being open and able to operate, at a price most everyone can afford for a special day of bonding and family memory-making, is a victory, but to also be able to utilize a portion of our proceeds to help children far away who might never have clean water or even education or a safe shelter takes Playseum to another level of generosity. Instead of raising our prices or closing our doors a few days a week, we have decided to reach out to you our favorite people, our dedicated Playseum parents, who see the value in what we do and are able to support our vision in this way. 

Children growing up today receive confusing messages from every angle, the Playseum is a place for them to truly be a kid; to imagine, create, and engage with their parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends in a way that builds life-long memories and healthy relationships. We believe families belong together, and nothing benefits a child more than quality time with their loved ones in a safe environment. 

Be a Playseum Visionary Sponsor for any gift of $1000 or more.  

What would you receive as a PlayseumVisionary Sponsor? 
1.    One Full-year family membership
2.    Facebook Family Shoutout or personalized post with management approval. 1-3x/yr Where you can share what you love about your family, shoutout your children on their birthdays, etc 
3.    Come into the Playseum and give the world a tour from your family's perspective or share what you and your kids love most on a live Facebook post. (pre-planned date)  
4.    Invitation to an annual Playseum Visionary Event with the owner, Ms. Gina, and your local Playseum Team. 
5.    Your child’s name and handprint on a ceramic tile on the front pillars of the Playseum.
6.    A handprint keepsake tile for you to take home  

Thank you for considering becoming a PlayseumVisionary Sponsor, it is families like you that keep our communities full oflife! 

Playseum Columbia MD – 240-507-8965 children@playseum.com
Playseum Easton MD – 301-807-8028 cityshops@playseum.com
‍Playseum Minnetonka, MN – 612-799-0026 mnkids@playseum.com  

Ms. Gina - gina@playseum.com