BETIME in Bethesda

New this Fall! BE TIMES in Bethesda

Playseum Bethesda

Is it Time to reactivate social skills through one-on-one interaction with a real person and not a screen?

Is it Time to learn new skills, and techniques in a place outside the home that is both safe and fun?

Is it Time to help strengthen your child’s listening skills and their ability to follow direction?  

Is it Time to allow your child to paint, create, imagine, get messy, and engage all five senses with guided supervision?  

Is it Time to lift your child’s heavy heart from the anxiety of the day by having simple moments of kindness, loads of laughter and interactive story times?

Is it Time for you as the parent to have a little time to breathe, read a book, have an adult conversation, or listen to some music uninterrupted?  

If it is Time for your child to have some BETIME, then Call & Register today!  Space is extremely limited; we are currently only serving up to 5 children per 90 minutes period.

Hurry! Space is extremely limited... Reserve your spot today!

Registration is now open for this fall.  BE TIMES are meant to supplement your virtual school adventure by coming to the Playseum for 90 (ninety) minutes out of your day.  BE TIMES include 2-3 educationally designed project/activities under the days theme, 20 minutes of imaginative play and 15 minutes of story/reading time. There are three 90-minute BE TIMES in a day.  The first 90-minute time may be utilized as a drop off time with signed waiver. Staying with your child is always an option.   The Playseum is equipped with a simple café area and Wi-Fi should you choose to stay.  If you have chosen to drop-off prompt pick-up is required and a $5 fine will be enforced for every 3 minutes past pick-up time.  The cost is $35 per child upon registration & $20 for siblings within similar age bracket.  No refunds are given once email confirmation has been sent.   If you are a Playseum Member, then a $5 discount would be applied per BE TIME.  

This 90-minute period will be a great enhancement to the day to day screen time.  Let your child(ren) experience these hands-on activities that vary in articulation, demonstration, and application.  Activities are experience done on one with a Playseum team member who is wearing a mask and showing by example good hygiene practices with children.  Prior to entry Child’s temperature and any adults entering will have their temperature taken.  

Register your child (ages 4-10) to join us Monday – Friday as we supplement your virtual home school adventure with the following safe and fun options within the Playseum.

Morning BE Times

($20 perchild, age 1-5, must be
accompanied by an adult)

M-F 9am-10am

BE Times

($35 per child, age 4-11,
Drop-off for 1 session per day)

Monday – Friday

Afternoon BE Times

($20 per child, 1-11, must be
accompanied by an adult)

Monday – Friday
‍4:00PM – 5:00PM

Weekly activities

Every kid wants to do Mad Science and every parent wants to keep the mess out of the house so let us be the ones to make it with your child and deal with the clean-up. Science can be found all throughout the Playseum from a real pet shop that houses a variety of animals in various
habitats, a pretend doctor’s office, a real soap bar, science bar, art shop and even a real bake shop.  Come with us on Mad Science Mondays for exploration, hypothesizing and inquiry.  Curiosity will be aroused with every project.
· Optical illusions: use color concoctions  
·  Solid, liquid, gas…  Bubbles, volcanoes, and ice experiments
·  Weather, temperature, and air pressure
· Sound, singing glass, making noise and water xylophones
·  Manipulating mediums… bouncy balls and scented putties
·  Magnets are magnificent…What about gravity?
· Earth science… let us dig in the dirt, learn about soil, seeds and how things grow.
·   Kitchen science with salt, lemons, and limes 

Come travel with Ms. Gina through stories, puppets, activities, games, and basic conversation.  Learn about the world we live in, the
culture we share, the languages we use and holidays that bring us together.  Your child will be challenged to learn new words from other languages each BE TIME.  Come with us on TRAVEL TUESDAYS where we will provoke individual thought, curiosity, and creativity.  
On TRAVEL TUESDAYS your child will be proud to share with you his/her amazing handmade works of cultural, historical, or international art.
·  Early American art forms: vegetable stamping,color dyes from fruits, corn husk toys and rock painting
·  Innovations in transportation: paint an old-fashioned vehicle: plane, train, or boat
.·    Victorian Creations: make antique paper beads and floral salt art
 ·   African influenced art: work with terracotta clay and design a clay imprint
 ·  Asian spices: learn of spices, seasonings, their use and create with them
·        Mexican influences: techniques of tile painting,tortilla making and Mexican Chocolate
 ·        American patriotism: make homemade apple pie,American Flag art and more

For little ones, bath time can either be a whole lot of fun or a nightmare in the making, and for older children making their
own bath products are the bomb.  Bath time will never be the same no matter what the age after creating wacky bath science with the Playseum.  Use some simple concepts of chemistry and engage the senses as you create fun to keep yourself clean!
·  Clean the hands: make your own decorative hand soap
·  Clean the face: sugar scrub sundaes will do the job
· Clean the body:  sand art of scented colored Epsom salts
· Clean the teeth: make your own toothpaste
·  Germs: Good and bad bacteria… make your own hand sanitizer
·  Fun in the tub: paint your own floating boat, make bubbles and scented bath bombs
·  Soften your skin: create colorful scented lotion
·  Soften the lips: make your own candy lip balm  

One of the most essential lessons in life is to learn to be thoughtful.  Come in on Thoughtful Thursdays and through game,
imaginative play and projects your child will be reminded to use the thoughtful basics throughout the BE TIME.
‍·  In the Grocery Store: learn respect of property,excuse me’s, please and may I help you while playing grocery games
·  In the Science shop: learn forgive me’s when things go wrong, and how to ask good questions while making slime
·  In the art shop: talk about choice, taking only what we need and following directions while painting a project
·  In the bake shop: learn please and thank you’s as you make fondant designs and cake toppers
· In the pet shop: taking turns and respect for animals as you learn and care for them
· In the family room: kindness, sharing and forgive me’s through story times 

There is nothing like fun on Fridays especially when your child does not realize that he/she is learning because it is so much fun!  
Come join us for a FUN FRIDAY,cause when your week has been spent and you are exhausted the Playseum has just what you need.  
FUN FRIDAYS focus on the basics of math through games, play, observation, investigation, and basics in the bake shop.
From cracking an egg, to rolling out dough, to using a whisk and measuring; all such endeavors cannot be done without the basic skills of math.  
·  Recipes in the bake shop: cookie dough from scratch
·  Process of soap-making: create a three-layered soap cupcake
·   Fun creations in the bake shop: make an Oreo shake or strawberry smoothie
·        Math with icing: sprinkles and candy toppings  

MORNING & AFTERNOON BETIMES Are dedicated to story time, open play, simple activity focusing on ABC’s, Numbers, Rhyming, Shapes and Colors.  Come in for some simple fun and interaction for your little one either at the beginning of the day or the end of the day or both.  Purchase a Playseum Family membership and this time would only be $2 per child per BE TIME.