Buzzbooks Bethesda


We carry a variety of childrens' books! Each of our Cityshops have related books for you and your child to read and enjoy.

Books are priced as follows:  $1- $20 Playseum Dollars.. We value reading at the Playseum! We want to encourage kids to read in every day life, by giving them a unique environment like the Playseum! We want to give you and your child quality time to enjoy a great book. So take take a stroll through the city, grab a book off a shelf, and read with your child the next time you’re here!

We would love to accept your gently used books. Bring in 15 books for a free Playseum admission.


We carry a unique variety of childrens Toys! We like to offer our guests the opportunity to buy some of the same toys that they played with while at the Playseum.

All toys can be purchased with Playseum dollars. So if you want to get a great deal on a toy buy the 25 Playseum dollars for only $20 dollars before entering. It's like getting five dollars for free.


Story time is at 11am, 2pm, and 5pm Monday-Saturdays.. And at 2pm and 5pm on Sundays.
Story time lasts about 15minutes. Yummy snacks are provided following weekday story times.