Explore our Cityshops

The Be with Me Playseum City Shops are different rooms or areas within the Playseum where ‘one family at a time’ gets to play together, explore together, create together, ultimately building new memories together.  Each room is to be explored as an individual family unless you come in with a friend.   This way you and your child will receive full enjoyment when it comes to building, creating, and roll-playing together.  

If a City shop room is already occupied, you may visit another Cityshop while you wait or ask to join the other family in play.  We guarantee that the amusement and entertainment you will experience here will be like no other play place. There will be no video games, blinking lights, electronics, bouncy things or sideline-sitting, but a wealth of fully themed interactive rooms called, “CityShops”.

Farmer's Market
American Diner
Potomac Pediatrics
Alphabet Letters
Chinese Market

Build America
Pet Shop
Soap Bar
Play Sports
Chinese Restaurant

Fire Station
Grandma's Attic
South Mountain Creamery Farm
Art Room
Dress up Theater

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Come meet a real animal with me in the pet shop

The  people  of  Bethesda  love  their  animals.  Here  at  the  Playseum  we  are  no  different.  We  want  children  to  be  able  to  simply  pet,  snuggle  up  to,  or  hold  an  animal  without  putting  any  pressure  on  the  parent  to  buy  one.  Pet  a  rabbit,  hold  a  frog,  have  a  gecko  crawl  up  your  arm,  touch  the  scales  of  a  bearded  dragon,  and  laugh  with  our  feathered  friends.

Play prompts

*Use  the  bird  watching  costume  and  take  a  photo  of  your  child  with  a  lizard  or  a  bird.  Please  ask  for  assistance.    All  animals  must  be  handled  by  a  Playseum  team  member.
*Help  your  child  get  over  the  fear  of  new  things  by  petting  the  animal  first.  
*Come  for  our  morning  story  times  and  afterward  help feed  the  animals  their  breakfast.

Come  to Grandma’s and grandpa's House with me!

Visiting  Grandma  and  Grandpa’s  house  were  the  greatest  times  of  Ms.  Gina’s  life.    Unfortunately,  this  is  not  so  for  many  children  today  because  of  time  and  distance.  Step  into  Ms.  Gina’s  grandparent’s  house  and  view  life  from  a  different  time,  memories  saved  and  tucked  away  to  be  found  again  and  enjoyed  by  a  new  generation.  Everything  in  this  space  is  from  (or  a  replica  of  things  from)  1920-1980.  As  a  parent,  see  if  you  can  find  some  things  from  your  childhood  to  point  out  to  your  child.  Try  on  fancy  dresses,  hats,  gloves,  and  scarves  or  grandpa’s  trousers,  ties  and  jackets.  Bring  a  babydoll  on  a  stroll  through  the  house  and  have  family  dinner  at  a  hand  crafted  wooden  table.  Climb  up  into  the  attic  space  and  play  house,  or  curl  up  under  a  quilt  and  read  a  book.  Don’t  forget  to  open  the  Wardrobe  and  look  for  a  big  old  coat  or  some  mothballs.    This  room  has  been  dedicated  to  Gina’s  grandparents  and  her  mom;  all  of  whom  passed  on  before  the  first  Playseum  was  built  and  who  inspired  her  to  help  families  build  memories  while  they  can.  

Play prompts

* Talk  to  your  child  about  an  item  you  see  and  share  with  them  what  it  was  and  what  it  was  used  for.  
* Take  a  seat  in  the  big  old  chair  and  have  your  child  sit  in  your  lap.  Read  a  classic  fairy tale  together  and  discuss  with  them  how  some  things  change  while  others  stay  the  same.
* Practice  learning  phone  numbers  as  you  show  your  child  how  to  dial  a  number  on  a  corded  telephone.

Come  save the day with me at the fire station!

Annapolis Fire Fighters and Police have protected our city for over 250 years! Our city would not be the city it is today if were not for all those who have given their time, their hearts and sometimes even their lives to protect and serve others.
Imagine there is a fire, the city is in danger! You'll have to work with others and think fast to save the day and be a community hero. Put on a helmet, pull on a jacket and grab a fire extinguisher. Jump on the truck and rescue the Playseum from burning down. Be sure to replace all costumes and toys for the next little firefighters!

Play prompts

* Encourage your child to dress up like a fireman and jump into the fire truck.
* Pretend that the house next door is on fire. What would you do?
* Teach your child this simple phrase. "Stop. Drop. and Roll" if they were ever on fire.
* Help your child understand that when there is a fire, fireman need to do whatever they must do to rescue a life.

come heal with me at potomac pediatrics!

Role play in the pretend pediatric office helps to demystify the equipment and procedures used by medical workers by showing medical professionals as people who care about us and help us heal. Kids learn by mimicking what they have seen when they have gone to a doctor. Be sure to visit the sick patient and talk with your child about what it means to be in the hospital. Help the baby dolls get well! Check their nose, eyes,and ears with the pretend pediatric equipment. In the waiting room, you can read the story to your child and talk to them about the importance of going to the doctor.  

Play prompts

* Work at the admissions desk to check in patients and fill out their medical charts.                    
* Learn how to dress and weigh a baby(doll).                     
* You’ve got a broken bone!  Try on a pretend cast or walking with a crutch.                  
* Time your child as they run in place for one minute. Then have them time you. Walk in a straight line and jump three times.
  Why do people need to get physically assessed before playing sports or operating equipment?                     
* You’ll find costumes for both adults and children to help you get involved. Your child will love it when you play the patient and    they get to be the doctor! 

We are proud to say that the playseum was designed with educational initiatives put in place, please visit the "fieldtrips" page to explore the learning opportunities available for your child.