A place where kids create

and parents relate!

hey! It's time to take me to the playseum!
I'll be in the car.

Monday 10am-5pm
Tues & Wed CLOSEd
Thursday 10am-5pm
Fri & Sat 10am-7pm
Sundays 2pm-7pm
(closed the first sunday of the month)

We are located at
7000 wisconsin Ave Bethesda, Maryland

Info provided on this page and throughout this website is specific to the Bethesda Playseum. To be directed to the Annapolis location, click our logo above, and than click "Annapolis."

$9 per person (ages 1-100)

what is a playseum?

The PLAYSEUM is a place to build good family memories!
We are a Children's Book and Toy Store in the design of a Kid-Size City.
Children are able to explore, discover and play in our uniquely designed "city shops".
The Playseum is set up for children to use all 5 of their senses, from creating a masterpiece in our art room,
pretending in our grocery store, dressing up in salon, decorating a cupcake in the bakery, to petting a live animal
in the pet shop, and so much more!!!!

The Bethesda Playseum has over 15 Cityshops and our new Annapolis location boasts 24, all free with admission.
Among the CityShops are various interactive areas with hands-on projects, run by our Playseum Team.
At these CityShops, you and your child can make, create, build, decorate, design, or experiment together
using Playseum Dollars (our currency for the interacive areas.)
We encourage you to put the cell phone away and play!

kids have so much fun

What can i see and do at the playseum?


Parent & child can explore the many different cityshops of the PLAYSEUM together. They range from soft blocks and giant legos, to mini manicures, pretend grocery shopping, petting an animal in a live pet shop, creating something in the art shop or decorating something in the bakery! Our space caters to ages 1 to 11 yrs, but we encourage our parents, grandparents and older siblings to play along too.

The Playseum is more than just a place to play, it’s a ‘city’ in itself where every book holds a new adventure and all things are seen through the eyes of a child - no matter how old. ENJOY this time you have with them, before long they’ll be asking you for the keys to the car! Click to learn more.

Customize your visit for even more fun!

Be sure to buy a few Playseum Dollars when you enter for even more fun!
Playseum dollars are used to purchase "above and beyond" interactive activities.
All PLAYSEUM dollars activities are led by our friendly staff at the soap bar, the art shop or in the bakery. The purpose of these activites are to engage all five senses and stimulate parent-child interaction. They are always done on demand, no reservations are needed.

$1 dollar = $1 dollar of Playseum money. Playseum money is especially fun for kids age 3 and up, who are learning how to spend and how to make wise choices. You'll get $25 playseum dollars for $20 dollars if you purchase when you enter.

See more by clicking here.


Each CityShop has several books that are related to that room. For example, you might find a children's cookbook in our bakery or a "Fancy Nancy" book in our beauty salon. Every book you see is available for purchase or you can just enjoy reading them to your child during your visit. Click to learn more.

story time

Our ONE scheduled event each day is our story time. Story times run for about 15 minutes each Monday - Friday at 11am on Saturdays 11am, 2pm and 5pm and on Sundays at 2pm and 5pm.

Birthdays. field trips. we have it covered!

We have all the ingredients to create a memorable day.

A special thank you to our sponsors! We appreciate your continued help and support!