what is playseum money for?

Children and parents are welcome to roam and explore any of our cityshops with the price of admission, there is plenty to do and see! If you'd like to try some of the interactive activities lead by our team members in the SoapBar, ScienceBar, Art Room and Bakery, you may purchase Playseum Dollars. Also, our books and toys may be purchased with Playseum Dollars.

how does playseum money work?

At the Playseum, we use Playseum Dollars (PD) to help teach children the value of a dollar! In the automated world we live in today, children learn that anything can be purchased with the chip of a card or the click of a button. In our kid-sized city we conduct transacations between Team Members and children through Playseum Dollars to encourage you and your child to discuss what they can buy, how to budget, save, and pay for activities, books, or toys they desire.

The exchange rate is $1 = $1 Playseum Dollar. Before you get your wristbands to enter the Playseum you can buy $25 PD for $20.00 USD or purchase just a few; dollar for dollar. You can always purchase more PD as you need them, however the special discount is no longer valid once inside.

WHat activities are available?

Find a list of activities to choose from at the:
Bakery Bar
Soap Bar
Art Room
Science Bar

(We want your trip here to be fun and stress free, so every activity that is made goes home with you the same day.)