Explore our Cityshops

Children are free to roam from room to room and encouraged to find their interests....crafts, cooking, building, sports, and more...
We have listed below all of our "Cityshops," please take a peek at some of our sponsored spaces and a few favorites in the slideshow.

Furry Friends Salon
Pet Shop
Italian Restaurant
Grandma's & Grandpa's House
Great Harvest Bread Company
Soap Bar
Labbe-Family Orthodontics
The Lighthouse
Sail the Ocean
Change the World
Farmer's Market

Historic Annapolis
Colonial Times Tavern
The Capitol
The Courthouse
The Chapel
Spot the Enemy
Chevy's Restaurant
South Mountain Creamery Farm
St. Anne's School Art Shop

Police Dept
Fire Station
Back to the 70's
Eurosport Auto Care
Science Bar
91.5 SHINE FM Radio Station
Bakery Bar
Anne Arundel Medical Center
Architects in Annapolis Chesapeake Bay

Come meet a real animal with me in the pet shop

The  people  of  Annapolis  love  their  animals.  Here  at  the  Playseum  we  are  no  different.  We  want  children  to  be  able  to  simply  pet,  snuggle  up  to,  or  hold  an  animal  without  putting  any  pressure  on  the  parent  to  buy  one.  Pet  a  rabbit,  hold  a  frog,  have  a  gecko  crawl  up  your  arm,  touch  the  scales  of  a  bearded  dragon,  and  laugh  with  our  feathered  friends.

Play prompts

*Use  the  bird  watching  costume  and  take  a  photo  of  your  child  with  a  lizard  or  a  bird.  Please  ask  for  assistance.    All  animals  must  be  handled  by  a  Playseum  team  member.
*Help  your  child  get  over  the  fear  of  new  things  by  petting  the  animal  first.  
*Come  for  our  morning  story  times  and  afterward  help feed  the  animals  their  breakfast.

Come  to Grandma’s and grandpa's House with me!

Visiting  Grandma  and  Grandpa’s  house  were  the  greatest  times  of  Ms.  Gina’s  life.    Unfortunately,  this  is  not  so  for  many  children  today  because  of  time  and  distance.  Step  into  Ms.  Gina’s  grandparent’s  house  and  view  life  from  a  different  time,  memories  saved  and  tucked  away  to  be  found  again  and  enjoyed  by  a  new  generation.  Everything  in  this  space  is  from  (or  a  replica  of  things  from)  1920-1980.  As  a  parent,  see  if  you  can  find  some  things  from  your  childhood  to  point  out  to  your  child.  Try  on  fancy  dresses,  hats,  gloves,  and  scarves  or  grandpa’s  trousers,  ties  and  jackets.  Bring  a  babydoll  on  a  stroll  through  the  house  and  have  family  dinner  at  a  hand  crafted  wooden  table.  Climb  up  into  the  attic  space  and  play  house,  or  curl  up  under  a  quilt  and  read  a  book.  Don’t  forget  to  open  the  Wardrobe  and  look  for  a  big  old  coat  or  some  mothballs.    This  room  has  been  dedicated  to  Gina’s  grandparents  and  her  mom;  all  of  whom  passed  on  before  the  first  Playseum  was  built  and  who  inspired  her  to  help  families  build  memories  while  they  can.  

Play prompts

* Talk  to  your  child  about  an  item  you  see  and  share  with  them  what  it  was  and  what  it  was  used  for.  
* Take  a  seat  in  the  big  old  chair  and  have  your  child  sit  in  your  lap.  Read  a  classic  fairy tale  together  and  discuss  with  them  how  some  things  change  while  others  stay  the  same.
* Practice  learning  phone  numbers  as  you  show  your  child  how  to  dial  a  number  on  a  corded  telephone.

Come  save the day with me at the fire station!

Annapolis Fire Fighters and Police have protected our city for over 250 years! Our city would not be the city it is today if were not for all those who have given their time, their hearts and sometimes even their lives to protect and serve others.
Imagine there is a fire, the city is in danger! You'll have to work with others and think fast to save the day and be a community hero. Put on a helmet, pull on a jacket and grab a fire extinguisher. Jump on the truck and rescue the Playseum from burning down. Be sure to replace all costumes and toys for the next little firefighters!

Play prompts

* Encourage your child to dress up like a fireman and jump into the fire truck.
* Pretend that the house next door is on fire. What would you do?
* Teach your child this simple phrase. "Stop. Drop. and Roll" if they were ever on fire.
* Help your child understand that when there is a fire, fireman need to do whatever they must do to rescue a life.

Come make pretend bread with me
at great harvest bread company

One of the most unique memories Ms. Gina has as a child was making homemade bread with her mom and her grandma directly from an in-house grain mill; something which very few get the opportunity to do. When you eat bread made from fresh milled seeds, kernels, nuts or grains you can't help but receive the vital health nutrients packed into the loaf. No chemicals, no preservatives, just complete goodness slathered in butter, hot out of the oven. We have teamed up with Great Harvest Bakery from West Annapolis to teach kids about real BREAD! Long ago, the domestication of grain allowed for human settlement and prevented mass starvation in times of famine. For many around the globe, bread is a large and important part of their diet.
Save your playseum wristband and bring it to Great Harvest Bread Co. to receive a free cookie or cup of coffee with the purchase of a loaf of bread or a dozen muffins.

Play prompts

* Encourage your child to don a chef hat and apron and stand behind the counter with a rolling pin.
* Go to the Bakery Bar to buy a ball of dough and show your child how to punch it, poke it and roll it.
* Check our calendar for mill demonstration days to learn about and grind grains in the real mill. Get your muscle on!
* Be respectful and clean up after yourself so others can enjoy the room as you have!
* To purchase some GHBC's amazing baked goods, visit the Bakery Bar.

Come to the courthouse with me!

The Annapolis Courthouse was built between 1821-1824 on Church Circle in Downtown Annapolis. The Courthouse is an important symbol of justice, and a tribute to civic pride. A courthouse is where you go to get a passport, to seek justice, to be married or to face a trial.
Come to the Courthouse with Me encourages an understanding of laws, privileges, and rights. Children can choose their place in the in the courthouse and discover the implications and responsibilities of each, whether it be at the judge's seat, or the wedding officiant, there is a role for everyone. This is a great opportunity for your child to learn that there are people in our city who work everyday to protect us from harm. Unfortunately, there will always be people who want to disobey and do wrong for their own benefit. Don a police hat and grab your handcuffs. It is time to protect the city from bad guys. Let's use some personal & social skills that are needed in being a good policeman or policewoman; give a good handshake and practice standing tall.

Play prompts

* Use the costumes in the various sections to make the courthouse come to life.
* Help your child understand the job of protecting our city.
* Help your child understand the basic concept that we hold as Americans- We are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
* Explore the various roles of the visitors to a courthouse and how each one has come for a different reason, service or crime.

Come Heal with me at anne arundel medical center!

Annapolis has one of the best hospitals around. In fact, it was founded in 1902 and its original building included 380 beds. Today it serves an area spanning more than 1 million in population and is known as the Anne Arundel Medical Center. It takes more than a village to run a hospital, AAMC has over 1,000 medical personnel, 4,000 employees, and 750 volunteers.
Role play in the pretend hospital helps to demystify the equipment and procedures used by medical workers by showing medical professionals as people who care about us and help us heal. Kids learn by mimicking what they have seen when they have gone to the doctor. Be sure to visit the sick patient and talk with your child about what it means to be in the hospital. Hep Bud the Bear get well! Check his nose, eyes, and ears before he leaves. In the waiting room, you can read the story about the creator of the Band-Aid to your child.

Play prompts

* Work at the admissions desk to check in patients and fill out their medical charts.
* Rock a newborn baby in the nursery and learn how to dress, feed and bathe a baby.
* You've got a broken bone! Try on a pretend cast and than try walking with crutches or sitting in a wheel chair.
* Time your child with the giant stop watch as they run in place for one minute. Than have them time you. Why do people need to get physically assessed before playing sports or operating large equipment?
* You'll find costumes for both adults and children to help you get involved. Your child will love it when you play the patient and they get to be the doctor!

Come be on 91.5 shine-fm with me!

Have you ever dreamed about being on the radio? Well, step into our pretend radio station and put on some headphones. Grab a microphone and a simple script to be like radio announcers Jack & Erin on 91.5 SHINE-FM! We are proud to announce them as an official sponsor. Be a voice for good, encourage others, and speak LIFE! Join others in writing a positive post on a sticky-note and than posting it on the green wall. Together we can declare this Annapolis-Baltimore area to be a more positive place for kids to shine!

Play prompts

* Fill out a card with your name and age and see if your card gets read over the radio by one of the 91.5 SHINE-FM announcers. Bring your card up to the BeeHive and receive a free prize for participating.
* Talk with your child about what it means to encourage someone when they are feeling sad, write it on a sticky-note and post it to our wall of positive thoughts.

Come prepare fresh mex with me at chevys restaurant!

At Chevy's everything is made fresh! Shelves are filled with everything from fresh fruits and veggies to homemade tortillas and tamalitos. The first thing you will notice is the wonderful smells in the air as you see your food coming to your table. Order a chimichanga or fajita platter in the miniature restaurant so yourchild can go to the back and prepare it from our large selection of fake food items, fruits, and vegtables. Don't forget to clean up when your done! Chevy's values and maintains a clean kitchen, ready for the day ahead. Restock the kitchen shelves with the items you used, so the next chef and customers can find all of the ingredients they will need as well.
The active process of ordering food challenges young learners to develop and apply creativity and math skills as well as concepts related to health and nutrition choices.

Play prompts

* Challenge your child to play the role of the chef or waiter by dressing the part and being in the kitchen or at the host stand.
* If your child chooses to be the customer give them a pretend budget to buy dinner for the family.

come back to colonial Times with me in historic annapolis!

If you were living in Annapolis back in the 1700's life would have looked a bit different from what you see today. For starters; the clothes your work, the food you ate, the chores you did, the games you played all would have been slightly different. As you go through this area, see if you can point out some of those differences. Come Back in Time with Me allows kids to imagine themselves at a Tavern with George Washington, cooking a pot of stew over an open flame for the delegates that were coming to dine, playing a game of checkers, or making thread from sheep's wool so you could knit a sweater for winter. Life was different.
There were no computers, no TV's, no smartphones. Be prepared to walk through a bit of Annapolis history through the eyes of a child. This room will afford opportunities for you to talk about the past with your child and let them experience some of it first hand as you both can dress-up and role play the actions of the day.

Play prompts

* Convince your child to dress up with you and get into character of someone back in the day.
* Ask your child to figure out what kind of chores kids did back then.
* Where did food come from 250 years ago?
* Smell something good? Pretend you are the cook for the tavern!
* Find the wooden chair and cozy up to the pretend fireplace, read an old classic to your child.

Come to labbe family orthodontics with me!

At Labbe-Family Orthodontics kids can pretend their parent is a patient. Sit in the waiting room until you are brought in for a pretend examination. Investigate our tooth decay table and see what items cause rapid tooth decay to our teeth. Learn about things we can do to prevent crooked teeth and try to build a row of straight teeth with the crooked blocks. Some things we eat and drink stick to our teeth more than others,. Find out by trying to brush off the items with a giant toothbrush.
Come up to the Be With Me Bar and receive your free tooth necklace. If you want, you can even come to the Science Bar and make your own toothpaste for $3 Playseum Dollars.

Play prompts

* Sit in the orthodontics chair and let your children look in your mouth. Ask them to count your teeth.
* Help your child engage in the activities within this room that teach preventative care.
* Be sure to clean up the pieces and put things away appropriately so that it is fun for the next visitors!

come explore new & old homes with me
and the jim schaecher group!

Everyone of us has the opportunity to build good things or bad things in our lives. Explore the foundation of an Annapolis home and discover what it was built on. What are we building our lives on? Kindness and honesty or anger and jealousy?
Bricks can be made of many things such as straw, clay, rock and even silver or gold. Bricks in our lives are made up of many things too, like: love, hate, kindness, patience, greed, forgiveness, anger, peace, joy, fear, pride, gentleness, worry, etc
For younger children, the brightly colored pieces and easily interlocking combinations provide hours of pattern practice and fine-motor development. Even looking for the right piece strengthens sorting skills, a key part of early childhood math curriculum. Building blocks and bricks teach thinking in three dimensional perspectives- a precursor to physics. Children of all ages also hone creativity, problem-solving, and teamwork through building play.

Play prompts

* Challenge your child to build a structure that uses a specific number or color or building pieces.
* Let your child be a real estate agent, put on a suit jacket and sell you a house! What kinds of things do all houses need? Ask them and discuss their responses. Dont forget to let them be imaginative!

come To the Awesome Authentic St. Anne’s Art Shop
at the Playseum

In this Shop you can do Art of all kinds. Touch and feel multiple mediums and utilize your senses to
create, paint, design, build or manipulate purchased or recycled objects.

All projects can be taken home the same day!

Come dream up the future with me and
architects of annapolis chesapeake bay!

Architects are engineers who design buildings that solve problems! Hereat the Playseum we give children the opportunity to experiment with their own talents to design, create, and build something with their parents. Concepts to be learned at the Playesum Architect shop involve light and sound control, sustainable construction, and fire prevention. In this Cityshop there are multiple hands-on activities for parents and older children to create their own design and than build what they have imagined.

Play prompts

* Let your child brainstorm; what problem would you liked solved? Could you design a space to do this? How will your space or structure be different than ones that already exist? What features will it have? Help your child by writing these things down on the Brainstorming Sheet.
* Grab a piece of graph paper and a ruler and let your child design their dream structure! Hep them by discussing the importance of proportions, sustanablility, fire safety, and sound proofing.
* When your child's design is complete, come to the Art Room, you may purchase materials to create a prototype of your structure with Playseum dollars.

Look out world, the Playseum is on YouTube!

We are proud to say that the playseum was designed with educational initiatives put in place, please visit the "fieldtrips" page to explore the learning opportunities available for your child.