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The Playseum has wonderful sponsors...

Check out these great companies and visit their stores to support our community! Several offer special discounts. See below.

Au Pair Care

We are proud to add Au Pair Care to our list of sponsors. Au Pair Care offers a dependable, flexible childcare solution.

Dominos Pizza

In the Playseum, you can be a customer or you can enter orders in the computer. Maybe be a cook and create a pretend pizza! Add lots and lots of toppings!

Bella Beauty Salon

In the Playseum, dress-up, try on some ballet shoes or put on a wig. Brush a Barbie head or pull up a stool and read your favorite book..

Bethesda Pet

Come pet Blackberry, our fluffy and friendly rabbit, or have Toothless, our Lizard, crawl up your arm! We have 12 animals ranging from rabbits to frogs, to doves, and our lizard..


In the Playseum, push your own mini grocery cart, shop our freezers, aisles, and produce. Learn about food groups and how to pay for your items at the register.

Language Stars

In the Playseum, touch, try on, smell, listen, and look at items that have been donated by the community and represent the world we live in! Play international games or complete a puzzle with a friend.

Madame Tussauds

Dress up with wigs and costume of those of our fore fathers or don Abe's hat and take a photo next to him. Flip the old phto frames on the wall and learn some interesting facts of presidents of long ago.

This room is sponsored by Madame Tassuads. Come in and while you are here receive a $5 off coupon to visit Madame Tassuads Wax Museum.

Global Team Initiatives

This area is dedicated to providing clean water to the Hamar Village of Ethiopia. When you make clay beads, pots, or something uniquely creative 50% or your Playseum dollars go to help bring clean water to the people of this village.

Buy a bracelet, belt or necklace actually made by the women of the Village to support their efforts for clean water. Kids can also crawl inside a small mimic of a Hamar Village Hut.

Thinkpepper Graphics & Design

Our Web Developer & Graphic Designer. If you need a website or marketing materials we strongly suggest Thinkpepper. "Pepper" is currently working on a website renovation for herself, but you can contact her at