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Buzz around Field Trips at the Playseum

There is so much fun and learning to be had at the Playseum!

  • Children can grocery shop in the Safeway and use their counting, sorting, and social skills.

  •  Stroll into the Pet shop and hear, see, smell and touch real animals. We have rabbits, frogs, lizards, doves, fish, hamsters and more (Bethesda location only).

  • Make homemade toothpaste at the Bee-hive and learn about your teeth.

  • In the Art Studio, children work with an art teacher, or use their own imagination and create something new out of recycled or new products.

  • Try on a costume and learn about countries from around the world in the international room.

  • Play the drums on our musical stage in the family room, or cook up a pretend pizza in our Domino's Pizza shop in the family room.

  • Play tea party and type up a letter on the old typewriter in Grandma's attic.

  • Drive a fire truck, dig up some seashells in the Pirates Cove, or fish for alphabets in the nature area.

  • Come make your own homemade candy lip-balm or chap-stick, lotion, bubble bath or soap at the Be-Hive Bar.

  • Don't forget to visit Ms. Gina's Bakery where you can decorate a cupcake, whip up a strawberry smoothie or mix up a mud pie for some Playseum dollars!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Playseum Dollars?

On a field trip, each child receives two Playseum dollars to spend upon arrival. As the children venture through the city shops they will experience city life at their level. In the Art Studio, the Playseum Bakery and the Be-Hive Bar, children can interact with the Playseum staff and use Playseum dollars to purchase items and do activities. In every city shop, we have books for sale that relate to the room.

Books, snacks and activities can all be purchased with Playseum dollars.

What are the chaperone requirements?

We ask that there is a 1:5 ratio of chaperones to kids.

How many kids can I bring for a field trip?

We can accommodate field trips of up to 60 children at a time. Safety and supervision is important to us, therefore we require chaperones to be 18 years or older. During non-peak season (April, May, Sept, Oct), we can accommodate trips of up to 40 kids at a time. All field trips must have a ratio of at least 1/5. If children are under 3 years old the ratio must be 1/3.  

How much does a field trip cost?

The price is $10.00 per child and $7.00 per adult. There are no discounts for larger groups.The extra dollars on the children's admission turns immediately into playseum dollars for each child to use towards an acitivty in designated city shops. 

How long is a field trip?

The time allotted is between 1.5 - 2 hours maximum.  If you would like the field trip to last longer we can add an hour on to your trip for an additional $2.00 per child. 

What can we do for lunch?

For an additional $25.00 fee per 30 minutes, you can choose to bring in your own lunch. This allows YOUR group to reserve the eating area for your private use. Our eating area can hold up to 20 children at a time. 

How do I schedule my field trip?

To book a field trip call to verify date and availability. We require the full amount upon booking in order to solidify your spot on the calendar or at least a credit card number on file which would be charged if there was a no show. The Playseum reserves the right to refuse entrance to unplanned or unpaid field trips.

Further questions? Don't not hesitate to ask! Email or call us at or 301-807-8028 (Bethesda) or 202-999-0510 (Capitol Hill).