Birthdays & Field Trips





Books at the PLAYSEUM

We carry a very large variety of childrens books! Some are gently used and some are brand new. Each of our city shops have related books for you and your child to read and enjoy. Looking for "Fancy Nancy" books? Look for books like these in the Bella Salon. What about "Curious George Fights a Fire?" Take a walk over to the firehouse.

Too busy playing? You may purchase any of our books (with the exception of the antique books in Grandma's Attic) and take them home with you! Just flip over the book for the price.

Books are priced as follows:  $1- $10 depending on the condition and original price. All used books are between $1-$5 and new books are slightly cheaper than regular retailers. 

We value reading at the Playseum! We want to encourage kids to read in every day life, by giving them a unique environment like the Playseum! We want to give you and your child quality time to enjoy a great book. So take take a stroll through the city, grab a book off a shelf, and read with your child the next time you’re here!

Toys at the PLAYSEUM

We carry a small but unique variety of childrens Toys!  We like to offer our guests the opportunity to buy brand new some of the same toys that they played with while at the Playseum.  All toys can be purchased with Playseum bucks. So if you want to get a great deal on a toy buy the 25 Playseum dollars for only $20 dollars before entering. It's like getting five dollars for free. 

Costumes at the PLAYSEUM

We have a very large variety of childrens costumes for various ages for both boys and girls.  The costumes range from $15-$30. 

Have some books you would like to donate?

We would love to have them! Donate 30 gently used children or parenting books and receive TWO free admission passes good for any visit. Please make sure books are not colored in, have missing pages, and are not ripped! Thanks!

PLAYSEUM dollar items  

Purchase PLAYSEUM dollars $1 for $1 at the front desk (Behive). If you buy them at the door upon entry you can purchase $25 playseum for $20 dollars.  Here is a list of some of the items you might want to purchase:

In the Bakery:

Decorate a cupcake $3

Ice and decorate  a cookie $2

Create an ice cream sundae $3

Make a yummy ice cream shake $4

Whip up a yogurt smoothie $4

MAKE the weekly MYSTERY Item $5

In the Art Shop:

Paint on a plexi-glass wall - free

Use items from our recycle bins and get creative - free

Make our daily project - free

Paint a wooden animal or gift box $3-20

Paint a small ceramic animal or figure $3-15

Paint a ceramic plate $10 -$15

At the Soap Bar:

Mini Manicure $1

Homemade toothpaste $2 

Create your own candy lip balm $2

Whip up your own bubbly bubble bath $3

Mix up your own scented lotion $4

Make your own scented perfume spray $3

Design your own mini soap $3 all designs & colors for boys and girls 

Make a real bar of soap $6  heart/star/circle shape