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Come find a book, read, and play in our kid-sized City Shops!

Come Shop With Me Bethesda!

Find books about math, cooking, baking, and stories where food is the main topic!

Push your own mini grocery cart, shop our freezers, aisles, and produce. Learn about food groups and how to pay for your items at the register.

Sponsored by Safeway.

Come Have Coffee With Me DC!

This is a great spot to have a snack your bring your own lunch.

A beautiful room that can be blocked off for private parties or a special birthday party.

Sponsored by Ebenezers.

Come Make Pizza With Me Bethesda

Find your favorite childrens cookbooks and stories all about eating out.

Create a pretend pizza! Begin with the crust, then the cheese and felt toppings, crank it through the oven, drop it in the Domino's box and deliver it to Mom!

Sponsored by...

Come Be A Chef With Me - DC

Find your favorite childrens cookbooks and stories all about eating out.

Don a black apron and create a pretend gourmet meal or chose to be the server and pass out the menus in our Little Italy Restaurant.  


Come Be A Chef With Me  Bethesda

 Create a a gourmet meal in Frindia where you can whip up some French and Indian Cuisine, learn to set a table or play a game with breads from around the world.


Come be a cowboy with Me  DC!


Come Care With Me Bethesda!

Find story books where animals are the main character. Pick out a reference book on animals, or a book about how to take good care of pets!

Come pet Marble, our fluffy and friendly rabbit, or have Wrinkles, our Lizard, crawl up your arm! We have over 8 different animals ranging from rabbits to frogs, to doves, and our lizard.

Come Bake With Me DC!

For Playseum dollars decorate a cupcake, whip up a smoothie, make an ice cream sundae, sand art hot chocolate, pumpkin pie or chocolate mud pies.

Right outside the bakery you will find kids baking books, classic stories centered on baking and Melissa and Doug Bakery Toys for purchase.

Come Dress Up With Me Bethesda!

Find your favorite girly or princess book in the Bella Salon. Find books from Cinderella to American Girl Doll books, to hair and body books.

Dress-up, try on some ballet shoes or put on a wig. Brush a Barbie head or pull up a stool and read your favorite book.

Sponsored by Bella Bethesda Salon.

Come Sail the Seas With Me on our Pirate Ship DC!

Build a sand castle or hear the ocean in a giant sea shell. Our pirate ship is decked out with all the pirate gear. Put on a play or a puppet show for your parent.

Find books on travel. Our imagination soars and sails here.

Come Travel the World with Me  Bethesda!

In this small but fully packed shop we have costumes from around the world even some clogs from Holland and antique shoes from Japan. Be sure to try on a sombrero from Mexico or a tiara from Korea.  

There is a packed book shelf of children's books from around the world in multiple languages.

This little shop also has a wishing well where you can drop a coin to help us bring clean water to those who need it most.  Each year the Playseum sends money to Water for Life with James Robison to build a well.  This 2014, we helped build a well in Angola. We also have photos tiles on display of some of the young children that we have rescued through LIFE BRIDGE India. 

Come Cook with Me DC!


Come Bake With Me Bethesda!

Find Ms. Gina's favorite cookbooks from around the world. Take home the latest books on how to bake with kids.

Decorate a real cupcake to eat. Make some chocolate chip cookie dough to bring home and bake, or whip-up a fruit smoothie, an ice cream sundae, oreo shake or chocolate mud pie.   We do have one or two free non-edible activities for kids to do in the Playseum bakery. 

When you get here just ask us for assitance. This is one city shop that we do not talk about verbally as to show respect to you and your families dietary wishes.  There is a sign in the bakery to inform you of your options.   

All edible activities in the bakery cost Playseum dollars. ($3-$5)

Protect the City with Me DC!


Come Play with Baby and Me Bethesda!

If you have a little one especially that is still crawling then this might be their favorite spot. 

We have board books, parenting books and crawl toys, soft blocks and things that light up for the wee ones. Just for fun turn the lights off and have your child look up at the stars in the pretend sky.

Come Play ball with Me DC!


Come shop with Me  Bethesda!

Come rescue with Me DC!



Come to the Circus With Me  Bethesda! 

Fish for letters of the alphabet in our lion cage or dress up like a clown with shoes and all.  We also have a little circus game corner.  Try your hand at a bean bag toss, ping pong throw or tic-tak-toe. If you win we always have a prize for you at the Be-Hive (front desk)

Come Paint with Me DC!

This is the ultimate artroom!

Your kids can create to their heart's content. Lots of items available to get your creative juices flowing.  We have multiple containers filled with arts & crafts to choose from that are free for anyone to use and then for Playseum dollars one can purchase a wood or ceramic project to paint and we will dry it, glaze it and send it home with you the same day.

Every day we offer a free poject of some kind in the art room for kids of all ages to do.  Call ahead if you would like to know what today's project is going to be.


Come to Grandma's With Me Bethesda!

Choose from a variety of tried and true parenting books and classic favorites to read at story time.

This room is filled with anitques from the 1930's to the 1970's. Set-up a tea party for two, pull out some old games, try your hand at an old typwriter, climb up into the attic and search through the many suitcases full of dress-up clothes.

When the owner suddenly lost her own mom to cancer and grandma to a stroke she decided to dedicate this room to them.  This room might look old but it has enough character and charm to last a life time and transport you back to your grandma's house too!

Come Play Dress Up with Me DC!

Another great place to feel grown up!

Everything is pink! A great place to dress up and get dolled up! Make lip gloss, bath soaps, and get fingernails painted.

Find your favorite girly or princess book in the Beauty Salon. Find books from Cinderella to American Girl Doll books, to hair and body books.

Currently looking for a sponsor for this room. Put your name/logo here.

Come Make a Puppet Show With Me  Bethesda!

So many puppets to choose from and a cute little puppet house too!  Your child can crawl in with a little friend while you take a seat in the front row.  You will be amazed as you watch your own child begin to take rolls, change their voices and make up stories for their audience. 



Come To the Eastern Market with Me DC!

Kids can pick up a basket and shop the Eastern Market just like the grown ups!

The pretend food here is unique. Custom made to look like your favorites from the Eastern Market in DC. Teach your kids about all the different cultures that they will encounter everyday.

Sponsored by Safeway.

Come Be Creative With Me Bethesda!

Find a variety of arts & craft books, and create projects to purchase ranging from ceramics, wood stools and birdhouses.

In the art shop, pull up a stool and get creative with clay, recycled objects, paint, stencils, beads and stamps. Paint shirts are available so your clothes stay clean, while you slap some paint on our plexi glass wall and squeegy it down!

We also have a few shelves with ceramics, plaster pieces, lot of wooden animals, princess boxes and treasure chests and vehicles. ($3-$12) 

Come to Grandma's with Me DC!

Grandma's house is always a fun place to play, filled with antiques and clothes from the past.

Come Be Brave With Me Bethesda!

Find great books about things that move: trucks, planes, trains, automobiles, boats and bikes. You will also find books about Thomas the train and books about city life. 

Wear a fireman's hat and pretend to drive the fire truck, or crawl through a tunnel to the Safeway.

Come on a picnic with Me   DC!


Our Famous Be Hive Bar Bethesda!

Find those famous children's series like Dr. Seuss,  Berenstein Bears, Little Bear, Magic Tree House, Disney, and so many more including books on subjects hard to discuss with children.

Make your own lip-gloss, lotion, bubble bath or soap up at the be-hive bar, or better yet, for a $1 have your nails painted! All activities at the Be-Hive Bar  cost Playseum dollars.  ($1-$4)

Come to the Courtroom with Me DC!

That's right! We have our own kid sized courtroom.

Pretend to be the judge or put your friends in the jailhouse. Learn about our justice system through play.

Come Play Music with Me  Bethesda!

 Find story books where music is the main subject, or books that make their own music! Take a stroll through history and find your mom or dad's favorite record album on the wall!

Play the drums, pretend base guitar, mini piano or sing your favorite songs while pretending to be a rock star!

Come Eat With Me Bethesda!

Eat a snack, bring in your own lunch, or rent this area for a birthday party or field trip.

Bookshelves found along the walls in the adjacent area contain early elementary and middle school books of all your favorite authors, as well as classics and homework books.